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What is the finale of “Love From Marriage”? Are Lu Fangning and Ling Rui together?

What is the finale of “Love From Marriage”?

“From Marriage to Love” is different from many sweet love dramas in that the heroine initiated an active offensive in this drama. “Fawn” Zhou Yutong is about to go online, but the powerful “woman president” can’t escape being urged to get married. The deer who concentrates on his career meets a dad who wants his daughter to marry. So Ling Rui, a wise and gentle male doctor, becomes her target. A sweet love story in which you quit, and you quit me was staged. Zhou Yutong, who has the coexisting temperament of “Various Amorous Feelings” and “Cool and Asolitary”, will play the role of the first female domineering president in the sweet pet drama market in “From Marriage to Love”. The career and love of the prosperous and wealthy women in the world are all controlled by themselves, which is in line with the current concept of marriage and love of most urban women.

Are Lu Fangning and Ling Rui together?

In the ending, Ling Rui and Lu Fangning have a child of his own, named Lu Youyou. In the second half of the plot, the heroine’s life is changing. In order not to become Ling Rui’s burden, Lu Fangning chooses to terminate the contract and disappear from everyone’s sight. Six years later, she took the “gift” from heaven to set foot on her homeland again, and this time, the gentle Doctor Ling chose to be an attacker, actively guarding their happiness.

“From Marriage to Love” is an urban emotional drama directed by Xu Chi, starring Zhou Yutong and Gong Jun, and joined by new generation actors such as Jin Ze, Wu Mansi, Liu Weilong, Li Siqi, Zhang Shulun, Xiao Ran.

The play is based on the Thai author Ms. Pitchaya Turdkwanchai’s literary work “Samee Ngern phon” (translation: this ordinary man). It tells the story of the domineering female president of the Household Group Lu Fangning and the gentle surgeon Ling Rui, who got married by contract and fell in love after marriage. Love story.

The overbearing female president Lu Fangning (played by Zhou Yutong), who is nearly 30 years old but has never had a fixed boyfriend, believes in “rich and earning is the king”, she is determined to develop a new home furnishing brand in the company, but she is required to get married first Only by giving birth to a child can she get a chance. Ling Rui (Gong Jun), a wise and handsome male doctor, becomes her target. Lu Fangning uses all his sexy tricks to seduce Ling Rui into submission. I thought that Ling Rui was cold and cold. Unexpectedly, Doctor Ling was waiting for an opportunity to turn back.

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