You are sad so far in life

You are sad so far in life (Novel)
Other Name: 生平至此悲伤是你

Genre: novel
Author: Xia Leicao
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Liu Chang loves Canglan deeply and is willing to give everything for him. Although he said he would never fall in love with her, she is also willing to die for him. They have been married for more than a thousand days. He was still so cold and cruel towards her, Liu Chang finally accepted his fate…

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Angrily flung his sleeves and left.

But Liu Chang will never forget that when Cang Lan left, his eyes were harsh and fierce.

Since that day, Canglan never came to see Liu Chang again. She had lived in the flower world for five days before returning to the Hall of God.

Normally, Canglan is not seen during the day, but today, Canglan is sitting in the hall, flipping through a book in his hand. As soon as she appears, he can feel her breath.

“I think you will stay in the flower world?”

“Why didn’t you go out?”

“As the queen, you failed to help the deity manage the affairs of the temple of the gods. You actually asked why the deity did not go out? What qualifications do you have?”

Immediately afterwards, Cang Lan’s cold eyes looked at her.

Liu Chang’s eyebrows drooped, “I don’t want to do this empress, okay? Canglan, He Lishu…”

“The deity said, it’s not someone you can call, come and go!”

“The deity can’t make peace with you, and let people laugh at it!”

Cang Lan shook the words angrily, his face was gloomy and indifferent, and in the next instant, he shook the words directly–

“From tomorrow, you will stay in the Palace of Gods Honestly!”

When the words fell, the others had disappeared.

Seeing no one in front of him, Liu Chang felt a severe pain in his heart, and there was another bloody smell in his throat.

Not long after she stayed, she flew to Yaowang Cave, trying to get some medicine to suppress her strangeness, but Qing Ge sternly scolded:

“Liu Chang, it won’t work if you don’t tell Canglan about this. Canglan is the Lord, and he will have a way to save you. If you keep not asking him for help, you will be wiped out!”

Liu Chang smiled softly when he heard the words.

“No, don’t tell Canglan about this.”

Qing Ge frowned, “Why? How can I save you without telling him?”

“Everything in the world has life and death, not to mention… I have lived enough.”

She really has enough life, and she knows very well—

It was all gone, and there was no way to save her life.


After returning to the Palace of Gods, Liu Chang saw several immortals gathered around, and when he took a closer look, he discovered that they were surrounded by the mother god of Canglan, Mrs. Hua Rong.

After three years, Mrs. Hua Rong finally woke up!

“Mother Goddess”

Liu Chang rushed over, her father, goddess and goddess died one after another, and she always treated Mrs. Huarong as her biological mother.

She has tried the spiritual power cultivation bases in the past few years, and she has tried them one by one. Fortunately, her efforts paid off.

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