Forensic Poison Concubine

Forensic Medicine Poison Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 法医毒妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Momoru
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The heroine Jun Zilin Zhou Jian, who was the chief female forensic doctor of the 23rd century, had countless post-mortems, but she almost became a corpse. Once he woke up, he became a fool who was under the fence and insulted by others. The fiance was bullied, she suppressed it! Dare to slander me, cut you off, clean up! Once winning, beat down the dog. But the princes and generals raced to confess their relatives…

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Zhou Jinmo raised his hand to the people who were waiting below. After a while, a maid from the palace came in with tea, only to see the delicately engraved porcelain cup in front of Jun Zilin.

The four princes personally hold the cup and make tea.

Watching the tea gradually change from light color to light brown. Jun Zilin sniffed, and found that this tea was a little bit different, and the fragrance contained an inviting taste that was not only present.

“This is Taiping Monkey Kui brewed with snow mountain lotus water.” Zhou Jinmo said, Lingxiu’s eyes are clear but bottomless, so he looked at Jun Zilin deeply, “Lin’er, you taste, how does it taste? .”

Jun Zilin heard this, knowing that the person in front of her was complaining that she was in the shabby courtyard, and the tea served on the table was not available.

Unexpectedly, the four princes are quite grudges.

After thinking about it, Jun Zilin smiled. After thanking her, she took the tea cup in both hands and bowed her head to take a sip. To be honest, she didn’t know how to taste tea at all, but now that she tasted it, there was only one word for’hot’.

“Look at you, is it thirsty to drink in such a hurry?”

Jun Zilin’s tongue was so hot that she stuck her tongue out, her pink tongue was stretched out from time to time, and she breathed out. Zhou Jinmo took a piece of Jinpa, and the elegant cyan veil touched the corner of Jun Zilin’s mouth, printing her thin but very white face.

Jun Zilin, who had scalded her tongue, opened her mouth, grabbed the cyan veil, and spit on it, and found that there was no blood, and she made sure that her tongue was not bleeding.

“Miss…” Xiaodie lowered her voice to remind her.

When Jun Zilin listened, she suddenly remembered that she was in front of the Fourth Prince, not her own home.

Standing up quickly, Jun Zilin bowed her head to apologize, “Four princes, it is Zilin’s rudeness, please forgive me.”

Jun Zilin has been foolish since she was a child, and no one taught her the rules and etiquette. And she has been treated like that for the past few decades in the prime minister’s house. At this moment, Zhou Jinmo saw her apologizing and it was not unconventional. He just hung his head and said something quite sincere. But if it is other ladies, it is bound to be full of blessings and graces, and make a charming appearance, maintaining nobleness and showing sincerity.

However, the Jun Zilin in front of her, despite her lack of courtesy, was honest.

Jun Zilin, who had lowered her head for a long time, did not hear Zhou Jinmo’s words.

She raised her head and glanced at him, and he was looking at her with gentle brows and eyes dyed with tolerance and pampering.

He didn’t seem to be angry, so Jun Zilin raised her head generously and smiled at him naturally.

“Well, the tea is almost cold, drink it!”

The fourth prince spared her by saying this, so Jun Zilin also sat back and held up the tea, but she saw the tea leaves in this cup but they were very beautiful. The two leaves are holding small and tender buds, the straight leaves, and the white hairs are looming. After the leaf veins are stretched out, the redness is hidden in the green, and the buds and leaves are especially plump. Seeing the gratifying tightness, she swallowed it, only feeling refreshed. Xiaodie next to her watched, but she gradually became uneasy.

After drinking half a pot of tea, Jun Zilin counted. She was a forensic doctor, and she was too busy to eat and drink in her previous life. Now that I feel like I am stupid, and no one teaches myself the rules, the performance is so natural and it will not make people doubt it. So he did it with peace of mind.

“If you like this tea, I will give it to you! For convenience… When the prince goes again, I can drink this tea by the way.”

As Zhou Jinmo said, he ordered the people around him to hold the box of Taiping Hukui for Miss Jun.

“Eh, Your Majesty, Zi Lin has eaten your tea here. I am embarrassed. How can I take your things again?” Jun Zilin doesn’t understand tea. Of course, the tea he is drinking right now is better. The boiled water in the shabby courtyard is much stronger. That’s why she drank more.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Jinmo stretched out his hand to beck her to say, but saw the four princes stand up and walked out, and said, “If Lin’er wants to report back to this prince, just follow me.”

No matter, he walked out of the door, Xiaodie took the opportunity to grab her own lady and pulled her aside, “Miss, be careful, speak carefully.”

Jun Zilin looked at Xiaodie, “How can I be cautious?”

Xiaodie looked troublesome and said in a low voice, “Let’s not provoke the Fourth Highness, and the Fourth Highness can’t provoke it. Miss, you have an excuse, let’s go back!”

“Why don’t you keep up?!” Zhou Jinmo’s slightly sharp voice sounded outside.

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