Diversity Plot

Love is Sweet Episode 21 – 24

Episode 21
Returning home, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai had a passionate kiss in the corridor. Suddenly a mobile phone prompt sounded. Jiang Jun turned his head to see that Li Xiaochuan was holding a mobile phone video next to him. Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai hurriedly arrested Li Xiaochuan. Under the torture of two people, Li Xiaochuan said that he just wanted to be a user experience visit. Shuai Yuan deleted the video on Li Xiaochuan’s phone and drove Li Xiaochuan away. When they got up the next morning, the two made breakfast in the kitchen affectionately. After arriving at the company, Yuan Shuai was like a peacock with the screen turned on, and the company praised others.

Episode 22
The incident of Jona’s mistake spread throughout the company. After Jiang Jun learned the whole thing from Shen Xin, he looked at Yuan Shuai with some worry. Yuan Shuai gave Jiang Jun a relieved look. At night, Yuan Shuai kept working overtime. Jiang Jun waited for Yuan Shuai to return home. Although he was mostly worried, he felt jealous when he thought that Yuan Shuai was working overtime with Jonah. The next day, Yuan Shuai and Qiao Na successfully completed the new plan, and successfully persuaded the customer at the meeting and saved the company’s losses. At this time, Jiang Jun received a call from a customer and went out to see the customer, but he was confused by the drug.

Episode 23
Yuan Shuai received a call from Su Chang and learned that he needed to travel to Hong Kong for a period of time. Yuan Shuai called Jiang Jun to the office and told her that he was going on a business trip and could not accompany her home. Jiang Jun expressed his understanding, and the two of them pulled together. Going up to the curtains and kissing, only to be almost hit by Jona who came in to deliver the documents. Qiao Na reluctantly told Yuan Shuai that it was at the company anyway. You asked a female employee to come into the office and draw the curtains. It was easy to be spotted. Jiang Jun was a little bit afraid to ask Yuan Shuai if Qiao Na saw something. Yuan Shuai said that Qiao Na already knew, Jiang Jun was a little jealous, why didn’t Yuan Shuai tell him earlier.

Episode 24
On the dining table, Yuan Shuai took the initiative to bow his head to Jiang’s mother and admitted that he was the one who took Jiang Jun’s speech. A large glass of red wine, when Yuan Shuai finally couldn’t drink it and vomited to go to the toilet, Jiang Mu finally showed a look of revenge. Jiang Jun was dumbfounded. Xu Li returned to work in the convenience store. However, Xu Li couldn’t help but feel sad because of her feelings. But after experiencing this incident, she has been trying hard to tell herself that only by forgetting him can she move forward.

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