The Oath of Love (2020) 余生,请多指教

The Oath of Love (2020)
Other Title: 余生: 请多指教 , Yu Sheng, Qing Duo Zhi Jiao , Dear Doctor , The Luckiest Couple on Earth , I Give The Rest of My Life to You , Entrust My Life to You

Genres: Music, Romance, Youth, Drama, Family
Lu Ying
Lu Tian (陆天), Zheng Dan (郑丹), Wu Pei Na (吴佩娜)
Hunan TV, Tencent Video, iQiyi
Release Date:
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Adapted from a hit novel written by Bolin Shi Jiang.


  • Yang Zi as Lin Zhixiao
  • Xiao Zhan as Gu Wei
  • Zhai Zi Lu as Gu Xiao
  • Ma Yu Jie as Gao Xi
  • Li Mu Chen as San San
  • Li Yun Rui as Shao Jiang
  • Wang Cheng Yang as Du Wenjun
  • Du Shuang Yu as Yan Chengjun
  • Yang Xiao Ran as Chen Xiaowei
  • Zhao Shi Yi as Yin Xi
  • Zhang Yu Qi as Jin Shi
  • Xia Zhi Qing as Lin Jianguo
  • Hao Wen Ting as Li Huijuan

Lin Zhi Xiao is a budding young cellist looking to start her career as she prepares to graduate from university. She has a handsome, loving boyfriend and even has a promising job lined up for when she completes her studies. Then her world falls apart…

Just before she graduates, her father is suddenly taken ill and needs to be hospitalized. She is forced to attend to his ailing health, and all of a sudden is forced to say goodbye to the job she was hoping to take. To compound the misery, she also splits up with her boyfriend. But when she is really starting to feel sorry for herself, she meets Gu Wei, the doctor charged with treating her father.

Gu Wei has also had a rough time of life of late, but the duo slowly starts to form a mutual understanding. But could love follow for this pair – and might they one day be able to reverse their bad luck?

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