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Petting wife: Good night, Mr. President

Petting wife: Good night, Mr. President
Other names: 澀寵嬌妻:晚安,總裁先生
Author: Little Master
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


When she first saw him, she pulled his clothes and said something in her mouth: “I really want to tear it…” Goodbye, smashed someone’s pants off, and uttered a semi-nude photo, which successfully caused her to get into big trouble. Encountered in trouble, he fell from the sky, “I’m leaving, I still plan to have dinner here?”

After signing an unequal treaty, she has changed since then and became the personal secretary of the president. Whether it’s official or private, it’s her own business. Huh? Want to help him please women? Is that woman… herself? When my brother’s disappearance involved the past 20 years ago, the two families couldn’t be separated.


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