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The Moon Bright For You Episode 11 – 15

Episode 11
The leader and his party arrived in Cangwu, and Cao Yang and Li Muzhong, the leader of the Yixuan Sect, gave a disagreement at the entrance of the inn and prevented them from entering the inn. Lin Fang used his tricks and brought Zhan Qinghong and Xiaolan to buy rouge on the streets of Cangwu, and noticed that someone was following. Gu Yue learned that Lin Fang and others had been driven out of the inn, and blamed Li Muzhong and Cao Yang for acting rashly and asked them to invite Lin Fang back to the inn for monitoring.

The two invited back to Lin Fang and others, saying that they had no idea about Mount Tai, and they held a banquet in the evening. At the Ye Banquet, Lin Fang proposed to set up a sub-rudder in Cangwu, and he needed to choose a respected leader to be the sub-league again. Li Muzhong and Cao Yang were separated because they coveted the position of the leader, and they kept toasting enthusiastically. Wen You was angry with Qinghong’s insatiable way of drinking, and helped Zhan Qinghong stop the wine. Instead, the two of them drank more.

Everyone returned to the inn and met the assassin who was in an ambush. To protect Lin Fang from the injury, Zhan Qinghong couldn’t see the assassin. Fortunately, Xia Houying arrived, and the assassin quickly retreated when he saw that he was lost. Li Muzhong and Cao Yang learned that Lin Fang was assassinated, and they came forward to show that they had nothing to do with them, and offered bribes. In order to confuse the audience, Lin Fang asked Zhan Qinghong to take bribes to go shopping. Knowing that Zhan Qinghong was going to buy a fan for Lin Fang, Wen You took the initiative to ask for a gift from Zhan Qinghong.

Zhan Qinghong decided to give the jade pendant left by his mother as a gift, but Xiao Lan felt that Lin Fang was better. On Wen You’s birthday, Zhan Qinghong specially put on the clothes he gave him, planning to send out the jade pendant, but he ran into Lin Fang and Wen You talking secretly.

Episode 12
Qiu An refused to return the jade pendant and expressed to Zhan Qinghong that he wanted to marry her, but Zhan Qinghong only regarded him as a child like his fourth junior brother, and Qiu An flew away with the jade pendant. Wen You came to Zhan Qinghong to ask for a gift, but Zhan Qinghong could only prevaricate without the jade pendant, but Wen You kissed Zhan Qinghong on the cheek, indicating that this was his birthday gift. Gu Yue noticed that Li Muzhong and Cao Yang had been provoked and demanded to work together to deal with Lin Fang.

Zhan Qing Hong and Wen You pretend to be a metaphysical bully in the Qinglong Gang gambling shop, and send the robbed money to Qiu An to recruit troops. Zhan Qinghong asks for the jade pendant, but Wen You sees Qiu An again confess. Wen You is jealous. Qiu An expressed his liking to Zhan Qinghong to Lin Fang. Lin Fang advised Qiu An not to have it if he liked it, but Qiu An felt that if he did not express it, he would regret it. Xiaolan overheard the two of them talking, thinking that he understood Lin Fang’s intentions against Qinghong, and gave Lin Fang the fan Zhan Qinghong bought for Lin Fang, and asked Lin Fang if he was interested in fighting Qinghong.

Lin Fang said that he was seriously ill. Don’t want to be dragged down. Qiu An took Zhan Qinghong to investigate an abandoned “haunted” house, and accidentally discovered Gu Yue’s hiding place. The assassin went out again and injured Qiu An. Li Muzhong came to cry with heavy makeup, saying that his gang was being bullied, and begged Lin Fang to call the shots. Lin Fang put down his head wine and led people to surround the inn, franking his purpose of coming to Cangwu.

Episode 13
Li Muzhong fled the inn and was shot by Qiu An, who was ambushing outside, with an arrow. Cao Yang refused to accept the softness and was shot to death by random arrows. The bandit leader was removed, and Lin Fang announced that Cangwu Wulin would be chaired by Qiu An. Zhan Qinghong still had some lingering fears about Lin Fang’s killing and cutting Guojue, but Wen You told her that this was the world. Xia Houying cared about Lin Fang and persuaded Lin Fang not to hurt her body because of love, but Lin Fang smashed the tender affection for Xia Houying.

Xia Houying was not afraid of dangers and dangers, but there was no way for tenderness. The Qinglong Gang left a letter to provoke the remnants, and Lin Fang arranged for Zhan Qinghong and Wen You to accompany Qiu An to the extermination, demanding that only the leader be taken. Gu Yue took the opportunity to sneak into the inn to avenge his son. When Lin Fang was about to die, he asked Gu Yue about the cause of his father’s death and confirmed that the incident was indeed a collusion between Gu Yue and others. Xia Houying suddenly appeared, Gu Yue was defeated, Xia Houying didn’t want to kill the killer, but Gu Yue was killed by a dark arrow in the distance.

Qiu An and others smashed the remnants of the Qinglong Gang, and Zhan Qinghong accidentally killed Li Muxi, which shocked Zhan Qinghong. Li Muxi’s apprentice, the assassin Huo Yang wanted to kill Zhan Qinghong for revenge, and was protected by Wen You. Feng Bufei reported to the boss, Gu Yue had already been silenced by himself. Zhan Qinghong found Huo Yang who had been caught, and Huo Yang felt that she was defeated because of more bullying, and Zhan Qinghong agreed to fight Huo Yang alone. Xiao Lan took the opportunity to put a laxative in Huo Yang’s porridge, but Huo Yang became more and more courageous. It turned out that Xiao Lan got the medicine wrong, and instead healed Huo Yang. Xia Houying returned to Jun’an, and Wen You and Lin Fang also received the order.

Episode 14
Zhan Qinghong takes Huo Yang to Qiujiapu, revealing that Huo Yang’s family was killed by the Qinglong Gang, and Huo Yang is willing to bet and accept Zhan Qinghong as his teacher. Wen You warned Huo Yang not to hurt Zhan Qinghong, Huo Yang counter-warned Wen You not to lose Zhan Qinghong. Qiu An sent someone to return the jade pendant and said that he would compete fairly with Wen You. Wen You dated Zhan Qinghong, and Wen You gave a jade bracelet to Zhan Qinghong. Wen You said that when he returned to Junan, he should inform his parents that he asked Zhan Qinghong to kiss him.

Zhan Qinghong was noncommittal and did not give the jade pendant back. Zhan Qinghong found Lin Fang and shared his confusion, but Lin Fang was emotionally upset. Xiaolan asked Lin Fang why he didn’t express his thoughts to Zhan Qinghong. Before Wen You returned to Junan, Zhan Qinghong gave the jade pendant back. Qiu An gave his mother’s golden hairpin to Zhan Qinghong. Lin Fangzhan and Qinghong and his party came to Linzhou. The Zhou family steward appeared at the inn and waited for Lin Fang. He gave a generous gift and told Lin Fang that Zhou’s family had no intention of martial arts and advised Lin Fang not to bother to win. Rouge finds that the butler is a master of poison.

Feng Bufei found Steward Zhou and said that the boss told the steward to watch Lin Fang, and the Seven-Star Sword Technique might be on him. Lin Fang suggested that someone pretending to be a dancer is needed to deal with Zhou Bo, and Xiaolan got an unexpected task. Zhan Qinghong wanted to write to Wen You, and asked Lin Fang to deliver the letter. He wanted to take away the dagger that Lin Fang had collected. Lin Fang happily agreed and gave her a jade finger.

Episode 15
Xiaolan dressed up in disguise and sneaked into the Zhou Family Dance Banquet with Zhan Qinghong. In order to let Xiaolan squeeze into the crowd and approach Zhou Bo, Zhan Qinghong repelled other dancers, unexpectedly favored by Zhou Bo. Huo Yang worried about Xiaolan, but Lin Fang made him feel at ease. Zhan Qinghong deliberately showed Zhou Bo the finger, but Zhou Bo remained indifferent. Zhou Bo set out the conditions, and Lin Fang wanted to see himself and needed to give Zhan Qinghong to himself.

The princess and Wen Rou greeted Wen You Xia Houying outside the city, and Gentle gave Xia Houying her purse, but Xia Houying did not accept it. They also told Wen Yu that the color they chose was green, which made Wen Yu very confused. Hua Yao was angry because of Wen You’s indifference, but Wang Dun comforted her and had asked the emperor to marry the two to give Hua Yao peace of mind. The Zhan couple unexpectedly appeared in Linzhou to meet with Zhan Qinghong, and Lin Fang let Rouge closely monitor the Zhou family and the Zhan family. Fighting the enemy, testing the Qing Hongwu art, and feeling a lot of diligence. Wen You’s reply came, and Zhan Qinghong informed his parents about their loyalty to Wen You, but Wen Qiao, who was far away in Junan, disagreed with Wen You and Zhan Qinghong’s marriage.

Zhan Podi visited Lin Fang at night and informed Lin Xiaotian of his entrustment and forwarded the “Seven Star Sword Technique” to Lin Fang. Feng Bufei eavesdropped on being discovered by Zhanpai, and Lin Fang’s suspicion of Zhanpai has not diminished. Feng Bufei tells the steward that Zhanpai has a seven-star sword, and the steward decides to catch a turtle in the urn. Suddenly, Lin Fang received an invitation from the Zhou family, and only invited Lin Fang and the Master of War Armor, Lin Fang decided to go to the banquet.

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