Brother’s true taste


Meet for the first time .

The day when moderately bored and boring routines broke .

Brother, friend, child , brother, friend child ‘ Nolan Being a huge Peanuts in danwoo pulsseok sit down on the spot .

My liking this is the same thing that Adam ate from the fruit of good and evil .

Everyone makes mistakes .

However, if the person who saw Danwoo Son’s naked body is Lee Je-in, the story changes .

She danwoo to ‘ love ‘ and ‘ pain ‘ is .

Since I found an ancient appearance to such Jane , the shock cannot but be great .

The deviation of 2 pm .

Such a moment will come to Son Danwoo’s life .

To show Jane who is full of curiosity her penis is erect .

“ That … Isn’t it heavy ?”

“It’s uncomfortable .”

Danwoo’s eyes became dark .

“ Would you like to touch it ?”

“ Can I do that ?”

Seemed to soothe the nervous gulp , she swallowed a spit asked danwoo .

“ Hah , can’t I try it ?”

When I had a bite , I should have thought about what to do !

I feel like I’m sinning .

I feel like I’m a bad guy .

He regretted the time he hesitated in love .

“ I don’t think I’ll get tired of washing all day .”

Jane asked unconsciously, fascinated by his eyes .

“Is it delicious ?”

“It’s sweet .”

Brother’s true taste
Associated Names: 오빠의 참맛
Go Eun-young
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.09.22
Status: N/A

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