The Marshal Your Wife Runs Again

The Marshal Your Wife Runs Again (Novel)
Other Name: 少帅你老婆又跑了

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Mingyao
Year: 2019
Chapter: 2349
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The protagonists are Gu Qingzhou and Si Xingpei. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of the Marshal Si said: “My wife is Country girl, don’t know fashion, don’t bully her!” The ladies and ladies who were robbed of the limelight by the young marshals wanted to cry without tears: Who is bullying whom? The marshal said: “My wife is quiet and gentle, she doesn’t know how to use Chinese medicine or marksmanship!” Those who were cured by the marshal’s wife, and the enemies who were shot by the marshal’s wife: Are you blind, marshal ? “My wife is small and tender, and regards her husband as her destiny. I said she never dared to say anything!” The young marshal knelt on the washboard and said with a proud face. The adjutants of the Warlord’s Mansion: The face is a good thing.

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The ball was not over yet, and the general secretary Gu Qingzhou invited to the side hall.

The side hall is very large, with thick cashmere carpets, and it is silent; a complete set of Italian furniture, there are two maps on the wall: a geomancy map of China and a nautical map of the world.

On the southwest wall is a whole row of bookshelves, filled with books of all colors, neatly arranged; at the end of the bookshelves, there is a bottle of carved assorted partitions filled with various knives.

Gu Qingzhou’s eyes fell on those knives, a little yearning.

“Qingzhou, sit down.” The commander said kindly. He looked a little serious, probably taking care of Gu Qingzhou’s feelings, deliberately a little more enthusiastic.

Gu Qingzhou thanked him.

Mrs. Si and Si Qiongzhi also came in, and several people sat down. The servant brought a cup of English black tea to Gu Qingzhou. The fragrant tea was added with milk, which was more mellow.

Gu Qingzhou took a sip, her eyes narrowed slightly, like a little cat.

Mrs. Si drinks water, Si Qiongzhi drinks hot cocoa, and Si Governor is a cup of Longjing before the Ming Dynasty.

“How has it been in the country these years?” asked the general secretary.

“I was taken to the countryside by my nanny when I was two years old. I have to say that the countryside is the land of my sangzi. No matter how dilapidated and poor my hometown is, it is the best in the mind of a wanderer.” Gu Qingzhou said.

After hearing these words, Si Governor’s eyes lit up: “That’s right, your child is quite knowledgeable, really good.”

He had already said that Gu Qingzhou had a lot of “good”, and Mrs. Si’s face was even more ugly.

Mrs. Si arranged the Vienna waltz to make Gu Qingzhou embarrassed. As a result, Gu Qingzhou was very successful, and the Si Governor was more satisfied with her.

Stealing chickens won’t lose rice.

Not knowing why Gu Qingzhou entered the city, the general secretary asked her, “Why did you come back to the city recently?”

Madam Si’s expression was slightly tight.

Gu Qingzhou glanced at Mrs. Gu, then lowered his eyes slightly, silently smiling but not answering.

Why come into the city? Mrs. Secretary took her to retreat.

But Gu Qingzhou would not take the initiative to say.

So Mrs. Si helped Gu Qingzhou answer: “It was her father who missed her, so he took her back.”

“Yes.” Gu Qingzhou echoed.

The Secretary General said something about the family, and told her to come to the Governor’s Mansion to play and wait, saying: “It’s not early today, and the dance will be over. Come back for dinner another day.”

Gu Qingzhou said yes.

Mrs. Si and Si Qiongzhi sent Gu Qingzhou.

Si Qiongzhi warmly took Gu Qingzhou’s arm and asked, “Sister Gu, where did you learn your dance steps? You dance really well.”

“I was at home yesterday, my sister taught me, she danced. Better.” Gu Qingzhou said.

Si Qiongzhi’s heart tightened and said, “Really?”

“Really,” Gu Qingzhou said.

Si Qiongzhi remembered that Gu Qingzhou also had an older sister, who was also very good.

Coming out of the Pian Ting, Mrs. Si saw Qin Zhengzheng and Gu Xiang, Si Qiongzhi looked at Gu Xiang hard, making Gu Xiang inexplicable.

“I’ll send someone to send you back.” Mrs. Si smiled, “This is over too, how lighthearted you are tonight, please forgive me.”

“Don’t bother, ma’am.” Qin Zhengzheng smiled reluctantly, “I just hit it. Call, the master will pick us up in a while.”

Gu Xiang looked haggard and sat on the bench all night, while the generals in front of everyone in Yuecheng told them that Gu Qingzhou, the most provocative woman tonight, was the youngest. Handsome fiancee.

Gu Xiang’s ideal of marrying a wealthy family was temporarily shattered, and she looked ashamed.

Probably because he was overwhelmed and was a little crazy in his heart, Gu Xiang asked Mrs. Si: “Why don’t you see the marshal at such an important ball? Why doesn’t he come to meet his fiancee in person?”

If it is normal, Mrs. Si heard this. It didn’t make much sense, but Madam Si had just received the news of the missing marshal, and she was very anxious. Gu Xiang’s words hit seven inches, and Madam Si almost had an attack.

It was Si Qiongzhi who held her mother’s hand tightly, so that Mrs. Si regained consciousness and prevented the gaffe.

Si Qiongzhi smiled and said to Gu Xiang: “My second brother is very busy these days. Miss Gu may not know that our family is an old school, marriage pays attention to the name of the parents, as long as my parents are present. What does it matter if my brother is here or not?”

This means that the big family has respect and inferiority, but the small family is not aware of the importance.

Gu Xiang seemed to be slapped in the face, and his face was even more ugly.

Qin Zhengzheng also felt ashamed of Gu Xiang.

Gu Qingzhou stood quietly next to them, looking at them as if in a play, but never said a word.

As he was talking, the adjutant at the door came in and informed him that Gu Guizhang’s car was here, and he wanted to let it go.

Qin Zhengzheng breathed a sigh of relief.

When Mrs. Si was about to say something, Qin Zhengzheng said: “No need for Madam, we are about to say goodbye.”

Gu Qingzhou bowed to Mrs. Si and Si Qiongzhi. Following her stepmother and sister, he left the luxurious lobby of the Warlord’s Mansion. .

Mrs. Si stood under the eaves, half an inch of shadow covering her, her smile was a bit dark.

Just out of the gate of the Warlord’s Mansion and before reaching the parking lot, Gu Qingzhou suddenly grabbed Gu Xiang’s left hand-the hand that was twisted off by Gu Qingzhou.

After Gu Qingzhou grabbed Gu Xiang’s left hand, he pushed it hard.

She moves quickly.

The whistle of the car obscured the movement. Gu Xiang only felt another pain in his wrist, and said angrily: “What are you doing, why do you want to grab my hand?”

Her voice was loud, reaching the ears of Madam Si and Si Qiongzhi. in.

Gu Qingzhou’s sister doesn’t like her.

Madam Si and Si Qiongzhi smiled. It is actually very easy to deal with Gu Qingzhou.

Borrowing a knife to kill, Gu Qingzhou’s sister and stepmother are ready-made knives, very easy to use.

“I’m not doing anything.” Gu Qingzhou yelled at Gu Xiang and let go of her hand. “I just look at it, your hand still hurts or not.”

Gu Xiang was furious and wanted to slap Gu Qingzhou instead. .

Seeing his father’s car stopped in front of him, Gu Xiang didn’t dare.

Gu Xiang knows that her father eats soft but not hard, and how much affection does his father have for Gu Qingzhou? It’s nothing more than pity her.

Gu Xiang firmly believes that her father loves her more, so she put away her fierceness and walked to her father softly, tearing in her eyes.

Among the children, Gu Guizhang is the one who loves Gu Xiang the most. Although he scolded Gu Xiang when he went out today, he regretted it afterwards.

Seeing Gu Xiang’s tears in tears, Gu Guizhang hurriedly asked with concern: “What’s wrong with Xiangxiang?”

“Abba, Qingzhou twisted my hand because she was afraid that I would steal her limelight.” Tears poured out of Gu Xiang’s eyes.

With that, she stretched out her left hand in front of Gu Guizhang.

There was no strength in that hand.

Gu Xiang cried pitifully, Gu Guizhang was distressed

, and looked back at Gu Qingzhou angrily: “Did you break your sister’s hand?” So cruel, she really looks like her birth mother, Sun Qiluo!

Is her innocence in disguise?

Qin Zhengzheng hurriedly said: “Master, don’t be angry, Qingzhou is still a child, and she is a little bit naughty, so we can teach her well in the future.”

Her words seemed to help Gu Qingzhou, but in fact, it was to kill Gu Guizhang. Gu Qingzhou was found guilty.

Gu Guizhang was even more angry.

“Abba, I didn’t sprain Sister A’s hand. She hurt her hand when she pinched me.” Gu Qingzhou explained cowardly.

“Abba, my hand really broke. When she twisted it, I heard a clicking sound.” Gu Xiang cried harder.

Qin Zhengzheng said: “Master, first send Xiangxiang to the hospital to get the bone, don’t delay the child.”

Qin Zhengzheng didn’t want to waste his tongue, went to the hospital, and waited for Gu Xiang to pick up his hand, how can Gu Qingzhou quibble!

When the evidence is conclusive, clean her up.

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