Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 5 Recap

After Qin Shen returned to the dormitory, he kept checking his mobile phone time. The two funny roommates suspected that he had a date. Yuan Qian also changed clothes and put on makeup in the dormitory. The two were nervously preparing for the evening date, but they both wanted to keep their roommates away. Was discovered. Yuan Qian came to the cafeteria in a goose-yellow dress, and even looked in the mirror and put on lipstick. However, Qin Shen never showed up from crowded to scattered in the cafeteria, and Yuan Qian couldn’t call Qin Shen. get through.

In order to grab Qin Shen’s phone, Chen Qinan got his head stuck in the railing on the bed. Yi Ming didn’t believe in evil and couldn’t get his head in and out. In the end, he had to rescue him. Yuan Qian was hung up by his roommate during the call, and Qin Shen also made the call again, but he never got through. Qin Shen looked at them helplessly, and could only rush to the cafeteria when he remembered the delayed date. In the cafeteria, Yuan Qian couldn’t wait for people to come.

Although he wanted to wait, the cafeteria was closed because of the lights out. Song Siyi, who came out of a part-time job, told Yuan Qian that he had also waited for his childhood playmate and wanted to give her game coins before moving, but she did not come. If there is no other party in his heart, the agreement is just to talk. Outside the canteen, Song Siyi watched Qin Shen rushing from a distance, turning around to block Yuan Qian’s sight. Qin Shen saw the closed cafeteria, but didn’t make a call, so he sent a message to Yuan Qian to explain.

In the classroom, Qin Shen helped Yuan Qian carry a bucket of mud. Yuan Qian said that he left first and didn’t know if Qin Shen went to the cafeteria, and asked Qin Shen if the bucket of mud that he could not use up was a gift for him to apologize. Yuan Qian Has not passed Qin Shen’s friend application. Chen Qinan wanted to ask Qin Shen for a lecture ticket from Professor Jin.

Qin Shen heard that he was with Yuan Qian, and simply rejected Chen Qinan and decided to go with Yuan Qian, but Yuan Qian saw Qin Shen waiting for the bus and immediately followed Professor Jin. Said to let Xue Congyang go instead.

Qin Shen was trying to explain to Yuan Qian about the contract, but Chen Qinan’s music interrupted what he hadn’t finished speaking, and Qin Shen couldn’t help feeling depressed at this time. During the school celebration program, Chen Qinan volunteered to dance and invited Ling Wei to be a dance teacher, but Qin Shen did not come to rehearse. He was still making sculptures. He chose sculpture because he has always loved art, but his parents did not support him, for a full scholarship. Can only come to Xuanzhou University.

Qin Shen met Yuan Qian in the library and didn’t want to explain to her. Qin Shen heard Ling Wei say that she was short of time, so she suggested to change to a new dance teacher. Ling Wei ran to thank Qin Shen, and then gave Qin Shen the drink she bought, but Qin Shen refused. Yuan Qian heard about the embarrassment in the boys’ dormitory before she knew why Qin Shen’s contract was unsuccessful. She felt sad, so she bought drinks for everyone and wanted to give it to Qin Shen directly, but Yi Ming said he could give it to Qin Shen and come back after going out. Qin Shen looked at the package and thought it was given by Ling Wei, and then threw it into the trash can.

At this time, Yi Ming was very angry and asked Qin Shen why he spoiled Yuan Qian’s mind. When I heard that Yuan Qian bought it, Qin He took the drink out of the trash can again with a deep excuse. Ling Wei chased Qin Shen and asked if she liked Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian was afraid of embarrassment and hid behind the curtains. Luo Xinxin asked her what she was hiding. Yuan Qian ran into her head in a hurry. Ling Wei grabbed her and wanted to see Yuan Qian. Qin Shen shook Ling Wei’s face hard, but he didn’t want this to hurt Ling Wei’s face.

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