Millionaire Suddenly Appears

Millionaire Suddenly Appears (Novel)
Other Name: 天降大富豪

Genre: novel, Web Novel
Author: Le Tian
Year: 2019
Chapter: 1212
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Rejected by the goddess and insulted by the second generation of the rich, Wu Tian encountered all kinds of misfortunes. He thought that he would not be able to hold his head up in his life.

When he was devastated, a beauty who was a little older than him The woman told him that she would serve as his secretary and help him take care of the huge wealth that fell from the sky.

Wu Tian seized this turning point in his life. From then on, his life, his goals, and his future, everything has changed. It’s the same…

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“Hello, is this Wu Tian? I am your secretary Long Yun. You are about to inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes. Your identity is actually…”

The nice female voice on the phone didn’t finish, and Wu Tian hung up the phone because it was unknown.

It’s another harassing call. Without thinking about it, Wu Tian took a deep breath and looked at the cafe in the university town in front of him.

Today he must summon the courage to do a big thing…

“Li Meng, I like you.”

By the window of the coffee shop, Wu Tian stood nervously in front of the goddess Li Meng, waiting for her response. who knows.

“You secretly follow me?” Li Meng looked up and found that it was Wu Tian, ​​with a trace of disgust in his slightly red and swollen eyes.

Just after breaking up with his rich second-generation boyfriend, Wu Tian appeared in front of him.

Take advantage of your own feelings to confess, take advantage of the void?

“I, I didn’t follow. I saw you outside the coffee shop, and it took a long time to come in.”

The beautiful moment Wu Tian imagined was broken and immediately became a little cramped.

“Just you, what right do you have to say that you like me… You can’t give the life I want. I heard that you are poor every month to the end of the month and can only eat steamed buns. Do you think I will live this way?”

Li Meng’s pretty face was sarcasm. Wu Tian felt cold. A few years of secret love, I didn’t expect to be rejected so easily.

“I, I have no money, but I promise to make you happy every day… I, I still bring you a gift.” Crunch.

After speaking, a white BMW 320 stopped in front of the coffee shop.

In the car, a young man with a full-body brand, dyed with grandma’s ashes, took LV’s gift bag, walked straight to Li Meng and sat down after entering the store. He glanced at Wu Tian who was unpacking the present, showing disdain.

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