Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 35 Recap

Zhang Yongyao burned the things that Princess Shou’an had prepared for her children in the courtyard. He blamed herself for not being a good father. I am sorry Princess Shou’an and let her bear all the pain in her life. Zhang Yongyao asked the dead children to come back to see her children often while burning. Princess Ann, because he may never come back to speak with the child again, Princess Shou’an looked at her heart, but still held a grudge against Yuzhan.

Zhao Wan’er prepared the fragrant pills ordered by Yuzhan and gave it to her. Yuzhan asked the imperial physician to examine it on the spot. The imperial physician found that the fragrant pill smelled like Longjing chickweed leaves. Although the chickweed leaves are non-toxic, they can be combined with green plum. Very poisonous, Yuzhan interrogated Zhao Wan’er why she wanted to harm her. Zhang Yongyao asked to see him. On the other hand, Princess Shouan learned that Zhang Yongyao had entered the palace and felt that if he was upright, he would definitely enter the palace to expose her to the emperor, so Shouan The princess was also preparing to enter the palace, and brought a dagger to go to hell together with Yuzhan.

Zhang Yongyao told Yuzhan that he had found some clues and wanted to talk to Yuzhan. Zhang Yongyao stabbed Yuzhan with a dagger, but he deliberately fell and made the assassination unsuccessful. Zhang Yongyao said that he hated Yuzhan. The poison, the person who wanted Yuzhan to die was also himself. At this time Princess Shouan happened to hear the process of Zhang Yongyao’s confession. She was so scared that the capital fell out. Zhang Yongyao continued to lie that he was going to assassinate Yuzhan and wanted to help Princess Shouan. The top crime, but who knows that Yuzhan has just learned from the imperial physician that it was Princess Shou’an’s green plum and Zhao Wan’er’s chickweed leaves combined to harm her.

At this time, Princess Shou’an admitted that she had poisoned her, indicating that Yuzhan had ruined her. Happiness also killed her child. Yuzhan was very angry, thinking that Princess Shouan’s loss of the child might have something to do with her, but Princess Shouan’s happiness has nothing to do with her. It is the princess who did not trust her. Afterwards, Yuzhan told Shou’an and Zhang Yongyao that they would not tell the emperor about the poisoning, and Zhang Yongyao’s assassination was regarded as a dagger he offered to himself.

Yuzhan came to ask Zhao Wan’er again why he had poisoned her. Zhao Wan’er told Yuzhan with bitter eyes that she was Fu Wan’er, the daughter of Fu Yantong from Peng Zexu Zhou, who was rumored after Yuzhan was buckled by the Fu Empress. Fu Wan’er rebuked Yuzhan for selfishly killing her family. Yuzhan apologized to Fu Wan’er. Lan Pei could not understand that her wife was wronged by Wan’er, saying that it was not Yuzhan but the first emperor who killed Fu Wan’er’s family. Yuzhan had sent people long before. I went to save Pengze Fu’s family, but I was a step late, only to save Fu Wan’er, and the person who saved Fu Wan’er was General Zhang Sheng with a Beijing accent. Fu Wan’er who knew the truth was limp on the ground, never expected Yuzhan to be her. Savior.

After Princess Shouan returned to the princess mansion, she asked Zhang Yongyao to make peace, but Zhang Yongyao disagreed, because all these mistakes were caused by him. If it wasn’t for her selfishness for the queen after she married Princess Shou’an, she would He won’t cause so many things, he vowed to be a consort for one day, and a consort for life.

Yuzhan told Xue Rong that it was Zhao Wan’er who had poisoned him, and she was the Pengze Fu female Fu Wan’er, so she wanted Xue Rong to show her favor and let her go out of the palace. When General Zhang Sheng rescued Fu Wan’er, Fu Wan’er dropped a hairpin. Yuzhan returned the hairpin to her. Fu Waner recognized that the hairpin was a relic left to her by her mother. Fu Waner felt that she was ashamed of Yuzhan, so she stabbed her hairpin into her neck and committed suicide. Jump, order the subordinates to put Fu Wan’er’s body back to Peng Zefu’s house.

The news that the emperor had an illegitimate child had spread throughout the capital, and Li Huaijin asked Yueying to make the next step. Yueying sneaked into the mansion of the King of the Imperial College. The next day Xue Rong received a secret memorial saying that Wang Zhu was holding the wooden plaque of Xianhuang and tried to contact Jiang Shao. Later, the wooden plaque of Yupei was actually found in the residence of the King of the Imperial College. Angrily, he questioned Wang Zhu, Wang Zhu said that he did not know, and shouted that he was wronged. Xue Rong temporarily imprisoned Wang Zhu in the Tian Prison. Then he told Jiang Shao to enter the palace. Before entering the palace, Jiang Shao was worried about how to ask Wei Wang to get calendula again. Specially bought an expensive bride price Golden Goose.

Xue Rong had a meal with Jiang Shao. He first tested Jiang Shao’s idea of ​​becoming an emperor. Jiang Shao said that he had no such idea, because it was very unfree to be trapped in the palace. Then, Xue Rong took out a wooden plaque and told Jiang Shao that he was The first emperor’s illegitimate son, Jiang Shao’s first thought when he learned that he was a prince was that Wei Wang could no longer say that he was not worthy of marigold, but the exposure of Jiang Shao’s identity might make the impeachment of the officials not of orthodox blood. Xue Rong, Xue Rong wanted to destroy the jade card so that Jiang Shao’s identity could not be verified. Jiang Shao hesitated because it was his mother’s relic.

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