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Flash Marriage and Strong Love: Husband, You Are Great

Flash marriage strong love: husband, you are great
Other names: 闪婚强爱:老公,你好棒
Author: half bent
Genre: Novel, President, Rich, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Fu Junlin, the head of the Four Young Masters in the capital, got married, and Mrs. Fu was a little-known girl from a small town. Finally, in order to be worthy of her, Mr. Fu began to pretend to be poor-“This is an imitation rhinestone, I will buy it for you later. In fact, the wedding ring is worth ten million. “My wife, I’m on a business trip”, actually taking a private jet back to Beijing to work. It is rumored that Mrs. Fu is the daughter of a daughter who has been left behind; It is rumored that Mrs. Fu has personally pierced the tip of a knife into Mr. Fu’s heart; It is rumored that Mrs. Fu raised a woman, exactly like Mrs. Fu; In the end… Mrs. Fu died. Years later, the little boy pointed to the figure on the side of the road: “Old Fu, look at it, that’s my mommy!”


Chapter 1: Wedding for half a year
Chapter 2: Knowing Husband Who Flash Married in One Month
Chapter 3: There are four young people in the capital
Chapter 4: Fu Junlin, a thunderous figure in the capital
Chapter 5: Live in the same bed, die in the same tomb

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