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Mad god

Mad god
Other names: 狂神, Crazy God
Author:  Tang Family Sanshao
Genre: Novel, Fantasy Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


A passionate fantasy about dreams and partners. For 52 consecutive weeks, we have ranked first in the rankings of the Magic Sword and Book League. In less than a year, the total number of clicks on the Internet has exceeded 50,000! This book is another masterpiece of the third master of the Tang family after “Children of Light”. This story takes place in a world full of wars. There are many races living on the Jinyuan continent. Among them, the human race, the demons and the orcs are the most powerful. The battle for more land and resources has been uninterrupted for hundreds of years. The protagonist in the story is a hybrid of man, demon and beast born in this troubled time. What kind of experience will he have? What will be the end result? Please pay attention to this book.

The mad god, the god of heaven, has fallen into the world, and he wants to find the body of inheritance to avenge him; Lei Xiang, a hybrid from a different continent in Jinyuan, has been bullied since he was a lonely child, but the god of heaven has come to the people, with his talent. , He not only inherited the mantle of the mad god, but also unified the chaotic continent. Among his brave team, there are the beautiful twins of Ziyan and Zixue from the Dragon God Empire, Moyue, the savage princess of the demon clan, the scary and kind-hearted Hydra and the double-headed wolf, and one The strange sword in the world that has telepathy with Lei Xiang-Mo Ming.

The strange and wonderful love blooms among the swords and flints of another continent. The hot-blooded youths merge the souls of their partners into a peerless force, because there is only a simple and domineering belief in their hearts: “No matter when, there is only The mad god who died in battle, but the mad god who didn’t give up!”


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