Chinese Drama

Face (2020)

The play tells a suspenseful story about identity interchange: Lao Pan, a decadent plastic surgeon, lives repeated boring days every day until an incredible conspiracy strikes. The comatose old Pan woke up in a dilapidated abandoned factory, staggered home, and found that someone had replaced his own identity with a face exactly like him… Old Pan’s world was completely overturned, in a perilous situation, and thoughts. Nian’s wife and children. Can he overcome all the difficulties and peel away the truth…

Also known as: 煥臉
Country: China
Episodes: N/A
Genres: drama
Director: Sha Hailong
Writer: N/A
Air Date: 2020
Networks: N/A
Starring: Zhou Yiwei ,Yuan Shanshan, Cao Xiwen

Categories: Chinese Drama, Drama

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