Sound of the Gods

Sound of the Gods (Novel)
Other Name: 神都惊龙, Shendu Jinglong

Genre: novel, urban novel, Fantasy
Author: June Tian
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonists are Yang Xuan and Su Nan. The main content of the novel is: Yang Xuan is a second fool who depends on his wife for food. , Although he has set up a stall to make money on weekdays, his income is almost negligible, and he is regarded as a joke by the whole city. However, no one knew that Yang Xuan used to be the god of war in the empire and the supreme existence in the army. If it weren’t for his head damage a few years ago, he would still be leading soldiers on the front line to kill the enemy. However, the dragon will not sleep forever, and the day Yang Xuan wakes up is almost here…

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“Fuck, isn’t that Brother Ruanfan, why is he here?”

“It’s not like seeing things show up, let Brother Ruanfan wipe your butt!”

The people below immediately began to discuss.

In Nanjiang, Yang Xuan Ruanfan’s name is very resounding. Everyone knows that Su Nan married a wimpy eating soft rice.

“Boy, are you the fucking messenger!”

The man in the checkered suit said impatiently, “I warn you, don’t want to take the blame for a while and take care of yourself. I have already reported to the official, and the city guard will be here soon. If you can’t show evidence, I will catch you together. Now, you are convicted of covering up! “Mobile phoneremember for one second/『』/ for youprovide wonderful novelsread 999 novels

Yang Xuan said coldly, “What if I show evidence?”

The man in the checkered suit laughed loudly, “Oh, this is still installed. If you can show evidence, I will call you the ancestor!”

No one believed that Yang Xuan would really show evidence.

Moreover, Su Nan’s crime was a malicious speculation in itself. Since it was a speculation, it meant that there was no evidence.

“Then you first think about how to kowtow in a while!”

Yang Xuan opened the big screen and entered a web address, “This is the evidence!”

Everyone was taken aback, and suddenly laughed.

“Hahaha, shit, is this also evidence?”

“What do I think it is, what is a broken website?”

The audience leaned forward with laughter.

“Yang Xuan…”

Su Nan didn’t know what medicine Yang Xuan sold in the gourd.

“rest assured.”

Yang Xuan smiled at Su Nan. After the guests had enough laughs, he said lightly, “If you have enough laughs, take a closer look at what kind of website this is.”

The people below were taken aback for a moment, and looked curiously.

“This is a charity platform!”

Someone recognized the nature of the website.

“Yes, this is our newly built charity platform!”

Yang Xuan manipulated the website and introduced, “This website connects various related departments and supervisory agencies, and there are also qualification certificates issued by related departments.”

“Moreover, the website has the most advanced entry system, and the page is open to everyone. Every donation, accurate to every penny, can be accurately found out…”

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