The God-level Benevolent Doctor

The God-level Benevolent Doctor (Novel)
Other Name: 神级仁医

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: The Flower of Cactus
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The book is also known as “Tongtian Medical Sage”. The main characters are Lin Yan and Wu Jun. The main content of the novel is: Lin Yan has been in medicine for many years. I have seen a lot of patients, but when he faces the wounded in front of him, he can’t help but breathe, because the person in front of him is his high school goddess Wu Jun, and what she has to do is after hemorrhages in private. first aid. Lin Yan held back his emotions and allowed himself to work, and smoothly pulled Wu Jun back from the danger line, but when everything was over, the short fate between him and Wu Jun was about to end, an accident happened…

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It was not General Xiao himself who called, but his secretary. For carrying out the task so quickly, it meant that he was about to step into another life. Lin Yan didn’t think he was ready, so he said that he needed it. Think about it, there is no reluctance, just that if you think about it, you can call this phone at any time, forget it.

Putting away the phone and looking at his smiling wife and son, Lin Yan’s heart was soft and at the same time fearful. The mother and son didn’t know that a disaster had almost come, but they were stopped in time and disappeared invisible.

If it weren’t for this Shenlong badge, it would definitely not be possible to let this matter go, let alone Yao Jingxu would definitely wait for an opportunity to retaliate, even if Sun Jizu wants to pit him as a young doctor from outside, he can do whatever he wants.

“Mayfair, if, I mean what if…” Lin Yan said in a deep voice, “If I need to participate in a secret mission, which is authorized by the original leader himself, will you understand and support me?”

Mayfair felt tight, and then sat next to her husband, and said softly: “Brother silly, in fact, I have long understood that after your so-called resignation, opening the clinic safely and steadily to accompany your family is basically self-enclosure and self-evasion, because You are not a rich personality at all.

Although you are afraid that I am worried, many things have not been explained to me clearly, but from your performance, I can also infer what kind of life and death trials you have experienced. So many grievances are hidden in your heart. If you don’t express them, you will always One day you will completely collapse! “

Lin Yan looked at his wife’s red eyes, full of understanding and affection. Only then did he realize that maybe he thought something was wrong with the pretense, and he never concealed the feeling from his wife. He always acted to show that he was normal, and Mayfair was not acting. She lied to him?


Mayfair reached out to touch her husband’s cheek, and smiled with tears: “Brother Yan, you are a flying eagle, why do you want to break your wings? Your life is not only about family, but also a career. One thing you remember is that no matter what decision you make, I will support you unconditionally. Cute and me are your harbor and your backing, but they will never be your burden and hinder you. “

Lin Yan felt sour and hot in his chest. He hugged Fei’er and said with a hoarse voice: “Boer, thank you for your understanding. I really can’t be decadent as a wife and a man, because I provoked a few crazy dogs and sold me before. The culprit who went to Alcatraz is still at large, and is staring at us and wants to continue to retaliate. If I am not strong, even if I want my wife and children, I can’t do it. Therefore, there are some things I have to do, but it’s just for you. Well… the family has to rely on you to take care of it.”

Mayfair’s eyes suddenly condensed. She was originally an extremely decisive character. She was definitely not as weak as a delicate girl. When she heard that the culprit of her husband’s life and death hadn’t given up on her husband’s life and death, Liu brows sternly said, “Brother Yan, you just care. Do what you want to do. Don’t worry about your family and dare to get involved. I am not a vegetarian!”

Remembering that when Fei Er was young, he dared to attack herself and avoid being conspired by others, Lin Yan solemnly said: “Bo Er, you have to promise me that no matter what trap you encounter, you are not allowed to hurt yourself. ! I will arrange emergency assistance candidates for you, and if you encounter any problems, call for help.”

After the couple reached a consensus, Lin Yan also made up his mind and dialed the phone number again. This time, General Xiao personally picked it up and said, “Xiaolin, I know you will agree.”

Lin Yan was shocked for a while, and quickly said, “I’m sorry, General, I was too weak just now. I will review it with you.”

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