Homemade Love Story 오! 삼광빌라!

Homemade Love Story
Other Title: 오! 삼광빌라! / O! Samgwangbilla! / Oh! Samkwang Villa / Love Blooming House

Genres: drama
South Korea
 Hong Suk Goo
Yoon Kyung Ah
Release Date: 
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  • Jin Ki Joo as Lee Bit Chae Woon
  • Jun In Hwa as Lee Soon Jung
  • Bona as Lee Hae Deun
  • Ryeoun as Lee Ra Hoon
  • Lee Jang Woo as Woo Jae Hee
  • Jung Bo Suk as Woo Jung Hoo
  • Jin Kyung as Jung Min Jae
  • Hwang Shin Hye as Kim Jung Won
  • Han Bo Reum as Jang Seo Ah
  • The Tenants at Samkwang Villa
  • Kim Sun Young as Lee Man Jung
  • In Gyo Jin as Kim Hwak Se
  • Jun Sung Woo as Hwang Na Ro
  • Kim Shi Eun (김시은) as Cha Ba Reun

Strangers living together at the Samkwang Villa get to know each other and even fall in love.

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