The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 32 Recap

It was bright, and Lin Fang and Jian Ling hugged and woke up in the Tianxin Valley House. The two were shocked, but they were relieved when they learned the whole story from Zhan Qinghong’s mouth, but they lost their temper after drinking.

Recently, the Jiangdong martial arts group has no leader, and the court is afraid of rebirth. Wen You is entrusted by Wang Dun to recover the martial arts people and establish the rules of the world. The news of the martial arts news spread to the outside world, which caused much discussion among the people. However, after the storyteller finished talking about the matter, he turned and ordered his entourage to pass the letter to Huo Yang. There seemed to be some connection between the two.

Wen You gathered the heads of the various factions, including Qiu An, the acting leader, and then, on behalf of Prime Minister Wang, announced that from now on, all factions must register their personnel lists and conduct activities within the scope of the imperial court. They are not allowed to cross borders and other states without permission. Even pay martial arts taxes and fees on time every month.

Qiu An believes that the affairs of the arena should be in the arena and that the court should not be allowed to interfere, and all the leaders are unwilling to submit. Unexpectedly, Wen You ordered someone to kidnap several head family members. The others could only agree to the situation, but Huo Yang was still fighting for reasons until he saw Xiaolan being taken in front of him by Ji Xiaoran, so he stopped being tough.

The Nether Three Demons met in private, Zhong Buming praised the boss for his good tactics, and even Wen You was played in the palm of his hand. Even the occasional troublemaker, Wen You would be flattened one by one, there was no fear at all. Wang Bucheng thought that Wen You had ambitions and would definitely not be willing to be a court lieutenant, so he told Zhong Buming to ignore Wen You first, and then watch Jiming Temple.

However, Zhan Qinghong’s muscles and bones have been connected, but she can’t continue practicing. Jian Ling deliberately let Zhan Qinghong chop wood and carry water. On the surface, it seems difficult, but it is actually training her foundation. Zhan Qinghong Muyu couldn’t think of Jian Ling’s good intentions, but let Lin Fang see through it with a glance, so angry that Jian Ling blamed Lin Fangfu Gang for being weak and staring at his little daughter-in-law all day long.

After several days of recuperation, the third step of dispersing poison was about to be carried out. Jian Ling was going to work for Lin Fang, so he told Zhan Qinghong to be responsible for feeding medicine and wiping sweat during the process. As a result, the poison was gone and Zhan Qinghong was also busy. Not open. After Jian Ling’s treatment, Lin Fang finally recovered. He and Zhan Qinghong kissed from the yard to the room, and then rolled on the bed for a night of lingering. Even at noon the next day, the loving couple still did not want to get up. .

Master Yuanhui died, and his junior brother Yuanneng was silent for many days, and finally came to the Luma Mansion under the supervision of Ji Xiaoran, and entrusted the Seven Stars Sword Book to Wen You for safekeeping. Originally from Lin Fang, after returning the Seven Stars Sword Book, Master Yuanneng brought the Sword Book back to Jiming Temple. Yuanhui made an exception. She was worried that the Sword Book would have been coveted by the adulterers, so he planned ahead and exchanged it in advance, so that the Sword Book has not yet fallen. In the hands of the Nether Three Demon.

Now Jiangdong Wulin is at stake. The so-called fight for the sword spectrum is nothing more than the Xiyan people’s conspiracy. Yuanneng knows Wen Youzhong and Qin Minda, and also knows that he has Qiu An and the court’s support, so he is the best candidate to protect the Seven Stars sword spectrum. Wen You promised to ensure that the Sword Book is intact, but Ji Xiaoran told the Nether Three Demons about this, and concluded that the Seven Star Sword Book was in Wen You’s hands.

Head Mou broke into the prime minister’s mansion to avenge his mother. It happened that Wen Youzheng came to visit and saw him being killed by Wang Dun with the palm of flames, and even learned Wang Dun’s true identity. Wen You showed his loyalty, so he handed over the Seven Stars Sword Book to Wang Dun, and then returned to the horse mansion to hear that Hua Yao was pregnant. He was happy and a little worried.

Zhan Qinghong led Lin Fang to search for the exit of Tianxin Valley, only to mistake the miasma for mist and fainted on the spot. Jian Ling tried his best to move back to the two of them and couldn’t help but scold them. Zhan Qinghong didn’t think of Jian Ling’s life-saving grace, and talked back to him. Unexpectedly, Lin Fang guessed that Jian Ling was the number one invincible player in the world. The genius doctor who ran away from home later was Zhan Qinghong’s uncle and Senior Brother Su Qianhong. Lin Fang didn’t have the tough attitude like Zhan Qinghong, but used a reasonable way to express his attitude and explain the reasons for the valley. In the end, Jian Ling set the conditions, as long as Zhan Qinghong can win him, he can get out of the valley.

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