Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 18 Recap

Nan Xi won the first place in the group work without accident. Hao Tian and Hu Jing were naturally stunned. They could add another five points to their grades. However, Gao Ting failed to finish the homework alone. Although only the second place, he did have his heart. Not reconciled, but after all he was willing to applaud for Nan Xi.

In order to celebrate the first place in the homework, Xia Rui proposed to eat hot pot together, taking this opportunity to increase the friendship between students. Xia Rui sold the dishes and happened to meet Gao Ting who was passing by. It was a good intention to invite him to join him, but the words of the day did hurt Gao Ting, so he naturally refused.

The nervous Xia Rui feels that Gao Ting seems to have known each other before. Isn’t this the former Nan Xi? She is a little curious whether the great gods of the architecture department have such autistic and cold personality. However, this episode was quickly forgotten by Xia Rui, and took the dishes to eat a hot pot with Nan Xi, Hu Jing, and Hao Tian.

Nan Xi watched the three people in front of him pay no attention to hygiene, splashing the soup everywhere, and did not hesitate to follow them to wipe it, even more unbearable that they would throw the vegetables that fell on the table back into the pot. Nan Xi couldn’t bear the poisoning of drawings and computers, so she proposed to change a place to eat.

The four people sneaked to the unmonitored corner of the school and happily ate hot pot together. Just when they suddenly remembered, they ran here all the way, and they had been photographed clearly by surveillance. As soon as they fell silent, the school patrol came to “hunt down” them.

They hurriedly put the prepared paper bags on their heads, packed the things and fled, only then escaped. The next day, some of their escaping figures were screenshots and posted on the school board. Fortunately, they were not recognized when they were wearing headgear. Xia Rui could only pray that Gao Ting, who happened to meet her, would not inform them.

When Xia Rui was praying, Cheng Erluo’s call reminded her that she had an appointment. The two hurried home to cook together, and finally they had a home. Cheng Erluo helped so much. After receiving Nan Xi’s dream gift, he was so happy that he could jump to the sky. Nan Xi was such a careful and warm person.

After the meal, Cheng Erluo and Zhao Yishu suggested that Xia Rui stay here altogether in order to provide an opportunity. Nan Xi had already prepared gifts for Xia Rui. In the bedroom hangs Nan Xi’s hand-painted herself and Xia Rui, and the signature is called “Our Home”. Nan Xi took the opportunity to confess warmly, telling how much she wanted to take care of Xia Rui’s life, and how scared she was when faced with the possible separation.

Xia Rui officially confirmed the relationship with Nan Xi, but although she was carefree, she was still reserved by some girls, so she was a bit embarrassed to live with Nan Xi. But Nan Xi made up his mind this time, and ran happily around their home with Xia Rui on his back, feeling dizzy like the sweetness that makes people confused when they are in love.

President Shao’s phone interrupted their lips, and Chen Hao, who was left unattended, was thrown by President Shao to Xia Rui. The lured Xia Rui wanted to take Chen Hao to stay in the hotel, but Nan Xi saw such an opportunity and even coaxed her to agree to take Chen Hao to live in their home.

One day after the training ended, Cheng Erluo still looked for Zhao Yishu, as if he was reluctant to separate from her for a moment, but when Zhao Yishu secretly tried his heart, Cheng Erluo didn’t seem to realize his heart for Zhao Yishu at all. This result made Zhao Yishu both sad and frustrated, but he still put away the likes and stayed by Cheng Erluo as a friend.

With the addition of Chen Hao, the home belonging to Xia Rui and Nan Xi also became lively. Chen Hao called Nan Xi’s brother-in-law smoothly, but he still had a very bottom line in the matter of bed-sharing. The war between brother-in-law and brother-in-law was about to start. Nan Xi refused to let Chen Hao and Xia Rui be in the same bed, and the two did not want Xia Rui to sleep on the sofa.

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