The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 34 Recap

In order to avoid torture, Feng Bufei truthfully explained the identity of the unsuccessful king of the Nether Three Demons, including the truth about his murder of Lin Xiaotian and the brutality of the Zhan Family Man Sect. Lin Fang saw that Feng Bufei had a thorough mind and still had a trace of conscience. He had a deep understanding of world affairs, and he simply stopped entangled with him, so let it go for the time being.

However, Jian Ling seems to have regarded Feng Fufei as a pleasure. Not only did he ask him to carry water and chop wood for cooking every day, but even if he didn’t go well, the silver needles would meet each other, so that Feng Fufei made a miserable sound, and he dared not speak.

Zhan Qinghong Yu was angry and Wang Dun’s evil guan Manying could cover the sky with one hand. Now the Great Depression is in danger. If Wang Dun can’t be suppressed and turned around, I’m afraid that in the future, the people will be enslaved, and all those who oppose it will be in danger. Lin Fang believes that Wang Dun has profound martial arts skills and he has also practiced the Seven-Star Swordsmanship. Only Zhan Qinghong can continue to practice the Seven-Star Swordsmanship.

Although Zhan Qinghong previously vowed to abandon the seven-star swordsmanship in front of Jiangdong Wulin and never practice again, how many heroes and heroes encounter this country in danger, and they must choose between public and private coercion. The rise and fall of the society is not a one-time thing, one person If Yijian could decide, Lin Fang hoped that Zhan Qinghong would do his best and not cause too much burden on himself.

In the next few days, Zhan Qinghong repeatedly failed to make progress, and was still unable to penetrate the swordsmanship formulas. Fortunately, Lin Fangying was extremely comprehensive, so she integrated what she had learned and personally guided Zhan Qinghong to make her preliminary practice of seven-star swordsmanship.

Feng Bufei hid next to peeping, staring dumbfounded, and was almost beaten by Zhan Qinghong, thanks to Jian Ling who stopped him. After Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang left, Jian Ling found that Feng Bufei was slashing the golden nanmu as a material, so angry that he used two more needles to pierce it, dragging Feng Bufei back to the cabin.

Wang Dun was worried about exposure and decided to implement the plan early to avoid irreversible trouble. Ji Xiaoran was ordered by Wang Dun and planned to take the opportunity to kill Xia Houying, but Wen You led his troops to come and took him directly to Dali Temple for interrogation on the grounds of “collaborating with chaotic thieves to assassinate the prime minister.”

Ji Xiaoran failed to succeed, and simply went back to inform Wang Dun and let him preside over justice. Wen You personally came to the door to apologize, just in time to see Wang Dun practicing. Even though Wang Dun had perfected the Seven-Star Sword Technique, his internal strength would be consumed after the use of it, and there would even be a phenomenon of confusion.

Wen You noticed the abnormality, and temporarily concealed his suspicion. He responded to the detention of Xia Houying, saying that there were 10,000 banned troops inside and outside Jun’an. Xia Houying controlled the sixth battalion, well-equipped and well-trained, even though the guerrilla camp was supported by Wang Dun. However, the other five camps still obeyed Xia Houying’s orders and were loyal, so if he made a mistake, it would surely arouse the suspicion of the generals. It would be better to save his life to “take the emperor to command the princes”.

Hearing this, Wang Dun did not add any more suspicion, but slightly agreed, promising to ascend the throne in the future and share the world with Wen You. However, when Wenrou learned of this, he made a fuss with Wenyou, and even argued with Wenyou. Huayao did not want his brother and sister to turn against each other, and promised to let Wenjo go to see Xia Houying.

Since Feng Bufei often secretly learns martial arts nearby recently, Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong seldom take time off, staying together all day long and not practicing swordsmanship. Feng Bufei saw that he was anxious in his eyes, and Jian Ling often gave injections, and eventually became very angry, broke free from the shackles of the silver needle, and accidentally cured his tics, only to realize that Jian Ling deliberately injected the needles to treat him. I am grateful to Dade and express my loyalty to Jian Ling from now on.

Jian Ling went to listen to the wind in the martial arts as usual, but it was a pity that he recently said that the bookkeeper was hanging the ending and it was not public. Lin Fang learned about the situation outside the valley through the wind of martial arts, and also knew that storytelling was a message left to him by Huo Yang, which meant that everything was ready, only the last step.

Lin Fang offered all kinds of courtesy to Jian Ling, and wanted him to transfer the golden hairpin to a friend on his behalf. But in the evening, Zhan Qinghong still missed Junan Wulin. Lin Fang advised Zhan Qinghong not to work so hard, he would help and cooperate from the side.

Feng Bufei wanted to work with Lin Fang and his wife to find a way out of the valley, but was rejected. While Zhan Qinghong was resting, Lin Fang sat alone at the table studying the sixth-step swordsmanship formula, and suddenly saw Jian Ling going out, so he hurriedly followed after him, and unexpectedly found an exit.

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