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Dear Mayang Street Ending Plot

“Dear Mayang Street” takes Guangzhou Mayang Street as the background, and the opening shows the cordial and lively customs and neighborhood relations of Mayang Street. Yi Dongdong’s family moved from another place, but unexpectedly they “ran into” Mayang Street in a joke, and Yi Dongdong hit his first love as soon as he arrived.

In the streets of the South in the 1980s, there was a group of friends who grew up together. Some of them had crushes, while others liked each other. But after everyone grew up, they all slowly dispersed, leaving all regrets, just like the original name of “Dear Mayang Street”, “My youth loved you.”

The road to love between Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian is not very smooth. Ou Xiaojian and Ma Xiaoxiao are childhood sweethearts, but their life choices are different. Ma Xiaoxiao chooses to study hard and go to university, while Ou Xiaojian chooses to help his father wash his grievances and become a people’s policeman, but Ou Xiaojian Become a bastard for various reasons.

The appearance of Yi Dongdong made Ou Xiaojian feel a crisis. Yi Dongdong is a special existence because he is very good to Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian. He was once Ou Xiaojian’s lifesaver, so Ou Xiaojian has no hostility towards Yi Dongdong. Also because of this incident, Ma Xiaoxiao has a good impression of Yi Dongdong, and Ma Xiaoxiao thinks that he is a man who is righteous.

Yi Dongdong chose to protect her silently and had a crush on Ma Xiaoxiao for ten years. Although Ma Xiaoxiao knew Yi Dongdong’s feelings for her, she was always pretending to be confused until Ma Xiaoxiao was completely broken by Ou Xiaojian. Good.

Both Ma Xiaoxiao and Yi Dongdong were admitted to the university. After graduation, they were a lawyer and a civil servant. Their life trajectories and families were similar, so it was inevitable for the two to come together. It’s just a pity that Ou Xiaojian, he became the audience’s mind.

And the narration is also the voice of Yi Dongdong, so the two of them are actually the official match of the play.

What is the end of the experience?

“Dear Mayang Street” once did this kind of green tea man, and the ending is definitely not good. What he did later will be exposed by Ma Xiaoxiao and others, and may also affect his studies.

Zeng Xing wore a pair of glasses, and his face showed the gentle temperament of a scholar, but it was quite appropriate to describe him as “a gentle scum”. In school, he is also a man of the world, the heroine scores first, he is the second child, judging from the current plot, he has never been jealous of Ma Xiaoxiao’s achievements, but admires her especially because Worship, a kind of admiration arose in his heart, and that kind of admiration made his heart dark.

Perhaps Zeng Xing’s own psychology is rather gloomy, and he belongs to the kind of boy who “if you like it”. But looking at his various performances, it should be more extreme in terms of emotions, and it may be ruined if you don’t get it. His love is pure possession, not the kind of love that is for your sake, so it is the same Girls who are together are not happy, and love themselves more than love others.

The real ending of “Dear Mayang Street” has not yet been broadcast. The above is my guess based on the existing plot. This drama tells us that no matter how strong and unforgettable the feelings are, they will lose to the gentleness of long-term companionship in the temper of time. In fact, the victory of the second male is more in line with social reality. Girls are strong in their hearts. For love, they can work hard and can work hard, but you don’t know how to cherish them, and they will eventually lose.

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