Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 2

Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm
Other names: 余生有你, 甜又暖, For the rest of my life, 余生有你,甜又暖, ลืมรักเลือนใจ
Author: 囧囧有妖, Jiong jiong you yao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 1352 Ongoing
Related Show: Lifetime of Bliss and Contentment With You Volume 1


Entertainer Lin Yan is notorious for being framed, his lover betrayed, and his career fell to the bottom for a while. But one day, her life suddenly went off: becoming a female number one, appearing on a popular variety show, receiving big-name advertisements… At the same time, some unbelievable things often happen to her, and she has no memory of it. Until one day, she met a mysterious and powerful man, this man still knew everything about her…


Chapter 1349 Born for the track
Chapter 1350 will definitely be bullied back
Chapter 1351 is blood boiling
Chapter 1352 Making dinner with Pei Yucheng tomorrow
Chapter 1353 Good brothers are blessed to share
Chapter 1354 I gave birth to your brother
Chapter 1355 The kitchen under the hall
Chapter 1356 Is My Life Worth Ten Dollars?
Chapter 1357 Xiao Yao Is Not Without A Chance
Chapter 1358 This is coaxing
Chapter 1359 Observe and Learn
Chapter 1360 The level of this class is poor?
Chapter 1361 Is It Such A Big Game?
Chapter 1362 the premise is that you win
Chapter 1363 Forget about expelling the teacher’s door
Chapter 1364 I will make you complete
Chapter 1365 Teach Me To Drive
Chapter 1366 This is the ability of money
Chapter 1367 What Father Means
Chapter 1368 Two Roads
Chapter 1369 The visitor is a guest
Chapter 1370 The Last Chance
Chapter 1371 does not prevent me from smoking you
Chapter 1372 The balance of the world
Chapter 1373 The People of the Holy Land
Chapter 1374 All of you here are brothers
Chapter 1375 Master Will Definitely Win
Chapter 1376 people was outside, there is day
Chapter 1377 The Red Envelope Is Lost?
Chapter 1378 The style is very familiar
Chapter 1379 There Are New Apprentices Outside
Chapter 1380 Win again
Chapter 1381 Rush to rush
Chapter 1382 Yuanjia Road is narrow
Chapter 1383 Call Me Grandpa Grandpa
Chapter 1384 He will definitely win
Chapter 1385 I am your grandfather
Chapter 1386 Isn’t the master’s master Yeva?
Chapter 1387 Hello, Master
Chapter 1388 Little apprentice is better
Chapter 1389 Master is not close to male
Chapter 1390 Another small three and small four appeared
Chapter 1391 He is my boyfriend
Chapter 1392 Master, Is This Your Son?
Chapter 1393 Beginning chaos and finally abandoning?
Chapter 1394 Miss you
Chapter 1395 Can see the boss
Chapter 1396 Too Shameless
Chapter 1397 Protect Our Racers
Chapter 1398 Teaching Accident
Chapter 1399 He’s Touching Porcelain
Chapter 1400 I’ll talk after you get your driver’s license
Chapter 1401 Something More Frightening Than Bringing A Little Devil
Chapter 1402 Father and Son Brothers
Chapter 1403 This kid has nothing to do with me
Chapter 1404 I am honored, both of us were born
Chapter 1405 I haven’t been so speechless in my life
Chapter 1406 Actually make a small report
Chapter 1407 Want mom
Chapter 1408 Also want to sleep together
Chapter 1409 The most gentle person
Chapter 1410 Nice job
Chapter 1411 A Brand New World
Chapter 1412 Didn’t you want to steal the teacher?
Chapter 1413 Special Invitation
Chapter 1414 Seems to be the WZ team?
Chapter 1415 Is this something you can see without spending money
Chapter 1416 It’s Yeva Herself
Chapter 1417 You Behave Normally
Chapter 1418 Sister Yan is challenged by the Four Gods?
Chapter 1419 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 1420 Who Is Taking Advantage
Chapter 1421 Can’t You Be Gentle?
Chapter 1422 Digging The Wall
Chapter 1423 Master, You Lie
Chapter 1424 Help Mother Stalking
Chapter 1425 No wonder it’s so cute
Chapter 1426 Whose Son Is It?
Chapter 1427 The Contest Between Father and Son
Chapter 1428 The Easiest Task
Chapter 1429 More like the two of you
Chapter 1430 work hard together
Chapter 1431 Flying Child In Place
Chapter 1432 Family Members
Chapter 1433 Man in love
Chapter 1434 Just can’t say
Chapter 1435 First lover
Chapter 1436 The price is up to you
Chapter 1437 May be the boss
Chapter 1438 No one can afford to offend
Chapter 1439 Which pot does not open and which pot
Chapter 1440 A harder backstage than us
Chapter 1441 Hidden Strength?
Chapter 1442 Too new
Chapter 1443 My husband and my son
Chapter 1444 My background is harder
Chapter 1445 How are you so cute
Chapter 1446 When are you going to get married?
Chapter 1447 I am looking forward to it
Chapter 1448 I know your life experience
Chapter 1449 Let you remember everything
Chapter 1450 The original purpose
Chapter 1451 Only strength is eternal
Chapter 1452 A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Chapter 1453 Memories of the Past
Chapter 1454 But she is related to me
Chapter 1455 The person I care about
Chapter 1456 traitor
Chapter 1457 Never Believe
Chapter 1458 What Can I Have a Bad Mind
Chapter 1459 Identity Is Revealed
Chapter 1460 Memory Emerges
Chapter 1461 No Time
Chapter 1462 Admit the wrong person?
Chapter 1463 Demon Head
Chapter 1464 Abyss
Chapter 1465 Pay Back What I Own
Chapter 1466 She Is My Wife
Chapter 1467 For the mountain and sea nine phoenix
Chapter 1468 Save her life
Chapter 1469 Mom wants to kill me too
Chapter 1470 Pei Li’s inner world
Chapter 1471 Mom’s favorite is you
Chapter 1472 You are also very fierce to me
Chapter 1473 Degree of Shamelessness
Chapter 1474 You Can Call Me Xiao Gou
Chapter 1475 You owe me money
Chapter 1476 Relying on the mistress to take care of
Chapter 1477 Investigating clearly
Chapter 1478 Real identity
Chapter 1479 Talking to someone
Chapter 1480 You are a person in the Holy Land
Chapter 1481 It is for the atonement
Chapter 1482 There is only one goal in the Holy Land
Chapter 1483 Break your legs
Chapter 1484 Come a ton of walnuts
Chapter 1485 Turn on BUG mode
Chapter 1486 Even if it’s a god
Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 3