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Guess the habit from month: January – April

Let’s take a look at our habits and that of our friends from 12 months of birth. You can predict your personality as close as possible. Just like this, we will know what kind of person we are or our friends, what kind of habits, what kind of dislike or like, what is the mood? In order to adapt or learn to live with such a person for a long relationship with each other.

Start from January – April

January is quite careful Be careful Think a lot all the time Some people like to collect antiques, known to save money, be deceitful, unfortunate, save things, love to share expenses. Always look at the profit and loss. Seems selfish, but actually smart, able to be a good businessman, ambitious, overpowering, sometimes small-minded. Believe in yourself very high.

Patience is excellent. Especially in the matter of work, and it is very workaholic The house until it sometimes makes the love that I have so dull Slowly marrying because I’m so selective, I think so much, I don’t pay much attention to love. If the job to be responsible for Not finished Because he is a person who has a high responsibility A pragmatist, but in love Yes, it has a deep charm. Have a relatively high sex drive as well.

Sometimes self-depressed but act like that Sometimes I like to keep myself, I like creating a wall. Acting arrogant, but really easy going, nothing There is no poison and no danger to anyone. Be calm and orderly. A great love for honor and fame Do not rely on anyone who likes to do it yourself. But is also a virtuous person, often getting a good match.

February people often is a person with a cheerful character Many friends Because he is someone who needs true friends But rarely have friends And most importantly, there are very few true friends Like being in good social circles Because it is someone who can smile brightly in any situation Even though they are suffering Likes to make other people happy Be a talkative person Good foresight Has a thoughtful habit, remembered, and has a lot of plans.

Believe and have an opinion of their own, honest, good, independent, do not like with anyone. Or let someone force them to do so Or under someone’s control Want to do something, do it yourself, do not have to order Prefers a simple life, even though they have to live in society. He is a person with an innovative mind and always has good and new ideas. Because they are people who care, learn and create In accordance with the times of the world always up to date Likes to change until the people around him do not keep up or do not think.

Bad habits are often very headstrong and stubborn. At times it seems aggressive, blunt, and poignant. Is someone who likes to have fun Like helping friends Even though you rarely do with someone. Dating anyone Technician too Plus do not like to bond or have a bond with anyone, so it is difficult to find a suitable partner.

March people is someone who likes to empathize with the villagers Like helping other people and going to bear the burden like that. Sociable Good adaptability, good human relations Have a heart of kindness, compassionate, high virtue, love to create merit and create charity But people who are lonely, lonely or do not like to be in a narrow place prefer to be in the open.

Emotions are often very sensitive and sometimes irritable. Uncertain mind Emotions change, change like water. That today does not know whether it will be in a jar or a bottle Sometimes they look hard, sometimes they are so sensitive. With a mild-tempered heart, this always leads to the loss of good opportunities. And a shrew as well Because it is a person who is cool.

Hot, it’s easy to regret, easy to be happy, able to be amenable to others Rarely compete with anyone. Are always satisfied with what they have Is someone who believes in superstitions and mysterious things And likes to remember old things, fall in love easily, and often get caught up in that old love like a mistress, never forgetting But with some things, they become often forgotten, like old people, and people who don’t care about anything new, except that they constantly buy new shoes. It is said that anyone born in this month will have beautiful feet, will have a good heart, and will be a person who likes to taste and eat.

April people, A person who has a childlike character, inquisitive, desires, wants to be When you know, when you see it, you are bored and want something new again. It is a person who is bored like a child, not willing to listen easily, brave enough, not afraid of anything.

Like to go back and repeat again and then hurt again. Sometimes they like to make things difficult. Zhuji is fussy about uncomfortable matters, but Be a nice person because you are honest and straight forward. Do not like to please anyone or hear whoever. Like, don’t like, tell each other honestly, like holding things for anyone is not. I don’t like attachment Prefer to let people please more And often jealous and jealous of people who love you Because if there is love when Will be one who loves one heart Love in a pure heart, too.

They are often people with high sexual desire as well. They are so impatient, impatient, do anything quickly, walk, look hurry, have a strong temper, angry, irritable, easily irritated, but recover quickly. Do something impulsive. Uncomfortable, frustrated, stressed, having to be constantly moving, such as exercise Or do something that looks a bit more field-friendly It will be more comfortable to sit still, who wants to be a girlfriend must understand and please. Don’t let it be lonely.

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