Reborn to Sleep With A Star Actor

Reborn to Sleep With A Star Actor
Other names: 重生只为追影帝
Author:  Yisehani
Genre: Novel, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“You must fulfill her wish if you want to reborn.” “What is her wish?” “To be with the star actor!” — Oh my, how can I pursue the star actor since I have never had a date?! Now you can see how a bit player hooks on the big star.

“If you want to be reborn, you must fulfill her wish.” “What is her wish?” “Chasing the actor!”-Aunt, how can you let me chase a actor who has never talked about love! ? See how the little actor beats the big actor.


Chapter 1 Suffering for the Body and Mind (1/1)
Chapter 2 Flying Calamity
Chapter 3 So I am an artist
Chapter 4 Grandma, are you playing with me?
Chapter 5 I will wipe my butt as soon as I come
Chapter 6 She is so beautiful
Chapter 7 You are here to take a shortcut
Chapter 8 Apology
Chapter 9 is too cold
Chapter 10 The Grim Fairy