Chinese Drama

Something Just Like This (2020)

Duan Ran and Qian Xi Xi grew up together but with very different personalities due to the great difference in their family background. XiXi entered the e-commerce industry. Duan Ran who wishes to protect XiXi and at the same time recognized that the e-commerce broadcaster industry would be the next economic hot spot, acquired the company XiXi works in. After overcoming many difficulties and challenges, Duan Ran becomes successful and attain the ‘Chinese Dream’.

Something Just Like This – 青春创世纪
Also known as: Qing Chun Chuang Shi Ji,Youth Genesis,We Are Young
Genre(s): Business, Childhood, life, Romance, Youth
Release: Nov 8, 2020 – Dec 9, 2020
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Episode: 47
Country: China
Broadcast: iQiyi
Director: Chen Fei Hong
Writer: Fu Yao
Cast: Johnny Huang, Wu Jin Yan

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