Light with the Morning 與晨同光 Episode 1 Plot

Li Chuyao was born in an ordinary family and was admitted to Peking University with her own efforts. She is about to graduate this year. Her teacher helped her arrange a company for her internship. This company is called Mutual Social, which is a leader in the industry. , There is also an office in her hometown of Hangzhou. Chuyao is also ready to prepare for this interview.

Chuyao brought his brother Chuchen’s breakfast to the hotel. His mother called and asked Chuyao about the situation of Chuyao’s travel in Beijing these few days. Chuyao gave the phone to Chuyao, who was still sleeping, and his mother asked some Things to pay attention to. I got up early in the morning and responded patiently.

Chuyao happened to watch TV news, saying that an entrepreneurial team composed of young college students was suspected of fraud. The police have already intervened in the investigation. Chuyao murmured that it was not easy to take a college entrance examination, why not study hard, and said that Chuchen could not do this, and Chuchen let her rest assured.

Niu Siyi, a friend of the early morning entrepreneurial team, sent a message saying that he had arrived in Beijing. In fact, I had already dropped out of school in the early morning to start a business, but my family did not know. When I came to Beijing this time, Chuchen also negotiated with the acquisition company on the one hand.

When Chuyao was replying to the message, Chuyao leaned in and immediately put it away and went to eat the breakfast that Chuyao had prepared. Chuyao watched the early morning meal and slowly said that this meal should not be eaten for nothing. I wanted to spit it out, and Chuyao stopped and told me about what I was going to interview today, so I hope that Chuchen can help her go to the training class today.

After Chuyao left, Chuchen and Siyi called to tell them that although they could not go by themselves today, everything went according to the original plan. And when the children are over, they call Siyi to negotiate. Chuyao’s interview was not smooth, because the interviewer had a lot of criticism about Chuyao’s clothes.

Chu Yao’s identity in the negotiations was Li Luoshu. In fact, Li Luoshu was his real name. Chu Yao’s younger brother Chuchen passed away in the fire that year in the first year of the new year. Chu Yao’s mother couldn’t stand the blow and recognized Li Luoshu, whose parents had both died. At Chuchen, Li Luoshu stayed at Chuyao’s home as Chuchen.

When Si Yi was negotiating, he almost missed the negotiation because he was helping a child with a game in the early morning. So before the class was over, he rushed to the negotiation site, but in the end the negotiation was not completed. Because the early morning plan to negotiate at a price of 10 million, and there is still hesitating.

In the evening, Chuyao brought Chuyao out for dinner and talked about Chuyao’s dressing during the interview. Chuyao said that he would accompany Chuyao to shop for clothes for an interview tomorrow.

The next day, Chuyao brought Chuyao to a store. Chuyao felt that it was too expensive. When Chuyao tried on the clothes, Chuyao first gave the waiter half the price of the clothes, and asked the waiter and Chuyao to say that the clothes were half the price. fold. After sending Chuyao to the interview early in the morning, he also went to the negotiating company.

Later, Chuyao saw Chuchen at the company and mistakenly thought that Chuchen had entered a fraud organization, and was worried. So I found Chang Dale of the negotiating company, hoping to apologize for his brother and reach a settlement. However, Chang Dalle threatened Chuyao by saying that Chuyao had too much appetite, and they were not that easy to deceive. If he was Chuyao, he would immediately take Chuyao back to his hometown.

After talking with Chang Dale, Chuyao immediately went home to pack his luggage, planning to take Chuchen back to his hometown in Hangzhou, and confiscated Chuchen’s mobile phone.

When Chuyao returned to his hometown, I got together with friends and talked about Chuyao’s affairs. Everyone enthusiastically helped Chuyao to investigate. Only then did I know that Chuyao had already started a business with a student.

Siyi called Chuchen and found out that Chuchen had already returned to Hangzhou. When asked about the situation, he learned that other companies were reluctant to talk to them because other companies said that the mutual social company had bought their patents. Early morning felt that this might not be a bad thing, saying that their technology is still very well-recognized, but also knowing that it is difficult for them to raise capital in Beijing, so let Si Yi come back.

One day, his mother boiled two eggs and planned to celebrate his birthday on the lunar calendar for Chuchen. However, Li Luoshu was allergic to eggs. Chu Yao and his father repeatedly tried to find excuses to eat eggs and failed. Li Luoshu had to eat a bite of eggs. Haruka grabbed the egg and put it in his mouth.

Li Luoshu returned to the room during the chaos, and Chuyao also came to see the situation, and found that there was nothing wrong in the early morning before leaving, and told him to take medicine in early morning to avoid allergies.