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Revival of an Elite: The Fiery Wife Rules

Revival of an Elite; the Fiery Wife Rules
Other names: 豪门重生之悍妻当道
Author:  楼萦
Genre:  Drama, Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


She was deceived by people who were wolves in sheep’s clothing and ended up dead on the operating table with both her eyes and uterus removed. However, God was kind enough to give her a second chance of life. She was gifted with ethereal beauty and a gaze that could kill. Every gesture and expression she made was as poisonous as opium poppy. Step by step, she laid out her scheme, swore to send people who murdered her down to hell and suffer in eternal doom.

At the same time, she took great lengths to insinuate herself in the life of her ex-fiancé after breaking off the engagement in her past life for the douchebag. One day, she approached him with a seductive smile and said, “Mr. Gu, you might view me as wild and promiscuous, but in reality, I am a well-mannered lady. I am also loyal and faithful to my loved one. You will have to see past this facade in order to know the real me.”


Chapter 1 Cut her kidney and cut her eyes
Chapter 2 Despair rebirth
Chapter 3 Where are the women from?
Chapter 4 Colonel Gu, your mouth
Chapter 5 Want to play lustful tricks?
Chapter 6 I want your life, do you give it?
Chapter 7 She can only be alone
Chapter 8 Must get her
Chapter 9 sealed with a kiss
Chapter 10 Does he want to retaliate against her?
Chapter 11 I didn’t bite you on purpose
Chapter 12 Small books
Chapter 13 Xiao Yihan’s question
Chapter 14 Don’t want to leave his arms
Chapter 15 Your back…
Chapter 16 Collective take off pants
Chapter 17 You can only get married because of love
Chapter 18 There is a silver lining to hope
Chapter 19 Self-inflicted humiliation V life like
Chapter 20 As long as you don’t kill
Chapter 21 Will never give you a hug
Chapter 22 Not afraid of me staining your eyes?
Chapter 23 Injury to injury, your teeth for teeth!
Chapter 24 Why frame me?
Chapter 25 In his eyes, she is a dramatist
Chapter 26 No one can do Jane Canaan
Chapter 27 If she wants to die, let her die
Chapter 28 Nannan boyfriend
Chapter 29 Then you just wait for a lifetime
Chapter 30 Cat crying mouse fake mercy
Chapter 31 You want to enter Gu’s door unless I die
Chapter 32 Kiss it up
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