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Honey kiss 999 times: Joe, hug!

Honey kiss 999 times: Joe, hug!
Other names: 蜜吻999次:乔爷,抱!
Author: Luo Yi Duxue
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 7704 Ongoing


There was a big news in the capital: the little daughter-in-law of Qiao, who has been raising for twelve years, ran away! Not even my son!

Rumors abounded all at once: I heard that it was Qiao Ye who had a short technical gap and had a disharmonious life; I heard that it was the little daughter-in-law who got better with others; I heard that the son was too ugly.

One day, the little milk baby found Ye Jiaqi, and grieved Baba: “Seven-seven, Dad said I bought it from a pet store.”

“How can a pet shop buy such a beautiful son?” Ye Jiaqi chuckled, “Obviously… I won the prize.”

Little milk baby looks at the sky: “…”

A certain animal squinted his eyes: “I like to touch the prize every day.” Ye Jiaqi was angrily: “Josnian, go out!”

When he was eighteen years old, Ye Jiaqi entered Qiao’s bathroom, what he should see, what he shouldn’t… and he took a few more glances.

From then on, I misunderstood for life.


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