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Mousse is a bit sweet [entertainment circle]

Mousse is a bit sweet [entertainment circle]
Other names: 慕斯有点甜[娱乐圈]
Author: Sheng on the Pillow
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


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Copywriting of this article:

The last young singer Su Musi and the business celebrity Qu Chaoyue have been married in secret for three years. The marriage is in vain, and the number of encounters between the two is countless.

When the welcome party was held, she followed her agent to toast the big boss. Looking up, the boss and her wedding photo looked a bit like the person…

He staggered in his absence, seeing that he was about to fall onto Qu Chaoyue’s body. Everyone’s thoughts are broken, Qu is always famously cold and self-sufficient, this newcomer is about to finish!

However, he saw him stretch out his big hand to hold the person firmly in his arms, and his tone was rare and gentle: “Have you hurt?”

Facing everyone’s astonishment and the hypocritical and concerned eyes of the people in front of him, Su Musi gritted his teeth secretly: He was obviously the one who tripped his feet!


Since Su Musi’s debut, she has never repeated her style, and she has excellent resources. The TV series OST and the theme song of the movie are softened, and everyone has speculated about her strong background.

One day when she was broadcasting the live broadcast, a man in home clothes suddenly broke into the camera: “Mu Mu, move it, you are pressing on my shirt.”

The barrage exploded…

Su Musi hurriedly explained: “He, my cheap husband.”

“Arranged marriage, no affection.”

At this time, the Qingjun man who changed into a suit and leather shoes put a coat on her: “It’s cold, be careful of catching cold.”

Su Musi: “Cough cough, plastic couples, acting every time…”

As he was talking, the man went back and forth, dropped a kiss on her forehead, and said to the camera: “She likes to make jokes, don’t take it seriously.”

Hot search: # How can I get a cheap husband worth hundreds of billions?#

Marriage first, love later, a cute little girl with Yan Youcai VS a cold-bellied black noble son, the stars are not as bright as your Haoyue Yinhui.

Pre-accepted copywriting of “Cherry is very sweet”:

When Fengcheng Dan was studying in Tang Dynasty, he was unlearned and unruly, and his love affair with the good girl Ji Chu ended without a problem.

A few years later, when friends gathered, someone asked him: “Remember Ji Chu? I heard that she is back.”

Tang Shiyun calmly said: “People in the past will not mention it, they have forgotten.”

Faxiao praised him for being free and easy, and he could afford to put it down.

Later, a friend suddenly came to the house as a guest. Tang Shizheng, who had always sneered at housework and said that he was a good chef, was wearing a cartoon apron, holding a spatula in one hand, and the recipe in the other hand fell to the ground: “The Thirty-Six Strategies of Chasing Love Love Recipes.”

#What gentleman is far from the kitchen? I never said this. #

#If you want to take down her heart, take down her stomach first! #

small theater:

The cover of the new edition of Finance and Economics published the photos of Fengcheng Shanggui Tang Dynasty, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, aura and magnificence, instantly attracting countless fans, which is comparable to the top. Fengcheng celebrities flocked to them.

The next day, Tang Shi changed his Weibo sign: “Singles, not close to women”, and directly cut off the eagerness of the ladies.

Until a certain ceremony, someone saw him pull a beautiful girl into the backstage, and when she came out, she was full of spring breeze, and the lipstick on the neckline was brightly colored.

The girl followed out with a blushing face, and the reporter stepped forward and asked: “What’s the relationship between Miss Ji and Mr. Tang?”

Ji Chu: “Ex-boyfriend, past tense.”

Tang Shi: “I am white moonlight, pursuing ongoing time.”

Singleism? Not close to female? nonexistent:)

The finished article “Fiance is a national male god” can be read by stamping the column


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