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Marrying a sweet wife is soft and sweet

Marrying a sweet wife is soft and sweet
Other names: 替嫁娇妻软又甜
Author: Lou Lou wants to win
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Chapter 667 Finale
Male lead: Lu Yucheng
Female lead: Gu Ningxuan


In order to fulfill her sister’s love, she married a car accident “disfigured man”! No one is present, the marriage certificate can be issued, and the arrangement is clear! Gu Ningxuan found a duck in a fit of anger. Who knew that this handsome man was actually her old and sick husband in rumors. Spoiled! It’s just that… this way of petting is a bit wasteful, she trembles every day, and even wants to pack her bags and escape. A certain man noticed that he curled his lips and chuckled: “What are you hiding from? Grandpa and mother-in-law are waiting to hold their grandson. I can’t do anything between husband and wife.” ! ! Gu Ningxuan, died.


Chapter 1 I Will Never Marry an Old Man
Chapter 2 Can I get a certificate without a person?
Chapter 3 Uncle, you have worked hard
Chapter 4 Heaven… Sky price?
Chapter 5 I was lying to her
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