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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 22 Recap

Qian Xixi walked over with a face, and Duan Ran thought that Qian Xixi was jealous about his phone call with Ouyang, but Qian Xixi was worried about Yuanyuan. Qian Xixi could not accept Yuanyuan’s compensation of 5 million. I feel a bit ungrateful for the liquidated damages. After all, the company’s success is also a hero. Duan Ran believes that they are all considered in accordance with the contract, and the company has a lot of resources on Yuanyuan, but Qian Xixi believes that those are all Duan Ran must hold Yuanyuan, and now he can’t take that money anymore.

Duan Ran took the initiative to recruit President Shen, hoping that the board of directors would press Qian Xixi to ask her to collect the money, otherwise the company would be banned, but President Shen stated that as long as the fee is not charged, Xixi, the CEO, can’t do anything. Yes, Qian Xixi was suitable to be CEO when he started his business, but now he is not suitable anymore. He should change to Duan Ran. Duan Ran opposes changing CEO.

Qian Xixi refused to accept Yuanyuan’s money. She knew that Yuanyuan needed more money to go to that circle, but Duan Ran came and demanded that Yuanyuan must pay liquidated damages. This is not a matter of righteousness. Qian Xixi thinks Yuanyuan. Yuan is right to insist on her dream. Yuanyuan shed tears when Duan Ran and Qian Xixi quarreled.

Duan Ranla Qian Xixi went downstairs and loudly rebuked Qian Xixi for not being emotional. Behind her was the interests of the entire company, not alone, the spirit of contract was more important. Qian Xixi insisted that no one would dare to come to an impersonal company. She did it for the company’s corporate culture. The two quarreled louder and louder, Yuanyuan ran out and asked for compensation of five million yuan. Qian Xixi was going to chase Yuanyuan and was held back by Duan Ran. Duan Ran didn’t say the reason for the payment, but he asked Qian Xixi to listen to him.

Qian Xixi looked at Yuanyuan’s departure from the back, feeling very uncomfortable, and did not understand why Duan Ran became so impersonal. Qian Xixi suddenly felt that maybe he shouldn’t be the CEO at the beginning, but became the CEO. Let her feel tired physically and mentally. Zhang Jiayun comforted Qian Xixi not to worry about the past. Arranging the next work is the most important thing. Qian Xixi suddenly felt that Yuanyuan was actually very similar to Chen Lang, as long as he saw what he wanted to do, he would never show mercy.

Zhang Jiayun came to Chen Lang and directly pointed out that Chen Lang pried Yuanyuan away with the goal of destroying Rui. Chen Lang admitted that he was the producer he introduced to Yuanyuan, but whether he could stand firm depends on Yuanyuan herself. Zhang Jiayun was angry because Chen Lang targeted Qian Xixi, and warned Chen Lang not to make small moves in the future, and those small moves could not accompany him far.

When Qian Xixi returned home, he found that Ouyang and Duan Ran were making dumplings together. Qian Xixi was uneasy, and lied that he had an appointment with Zhang Jiayun not to eat at home and left home. Later, Qian Xixi called Zhang Jiayun to her old house. Qian Xixi suddenly realized that Duan Mu was planning to match Ouyang and Duan Ran. Qian Xixi and Zhang Jiayun were drinking together and satirizing Duan Ran and Ouyang. One scum man and one green tea.

It was heard that Zhang Jiayun was moving away from the rented place. Qian Xixi invited Zhang Jiayun to move back here as a company to spend the difficult years together. At that time, he would be able to separate from Duan Ran for a period of time to understand each other’s feelings.

Duan Ran sent Ouyang back, always worrying about Qian Xixi. Ouyang felt that the current Duan Ran was no longer a little boy before, but he also knew that Duan Ran’s maturity was only to take good care of Qian Xixi, who was not growing up. All made Ouyang feel uncomfortable. Duan Ran had been waiting for Qian Xixi to return after sending him back to Ouyang, but he didn’t expect Qian Xixi to move back to live there. Duan Ran felt distressed but didn’t know how to keep Qian Xixi.

Yu Shi excitedly told Qian Xixi that Yuanyuan’s liquidated damages had arrived, but Qian Xixi was not happy anyway. Yuanyuan had only had one house for many years, and now he doesn’t even have a house. Hearing that Yuanyuan had come to the company, Qian Xixi hurriedly went to Yuanyuan. Qian Xixi persuaded Yuanyuan to stay. Although Yuanyuan was reluctant to give up, she had already planned to break the boat, leaving no way out for herself.

Qian Xixi sent Yuanyuan away. Yuanyuan wanted to keep the company’s card as a souvenir. Qian Xixi sent it to Yuanyuan and encouraged Yuanyuan to go out. Now she has paid the compensation. Yuanyuan thought that after all, a sudden departure would put Rui into a crisis again. Yuanyuan was very sorry for that. Qian Xixi refused to leave Yuanyuan with tears in her eyes. Yuanyuan put her arms around Qian Xixi and promised that if there is a bright day Will come back to help Qian Xixi, Qian Xixi was reluctant but unable to do anything. He watched Yuanyuan leave, and tears fell down.

Qian Xixi announced Yuanyuan’s departure. He also plans to select a new head anchor from among everyone. All the resources will be broadcast to everyone. Many brands are aimed at Yuanyuan. After Yuanyuan leaves Many brands will also retreat, and there are not many resources left. Zhang Jiayun has been helping Qian Xixi from it to cheer everyone up.

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