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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 21 Recap

Qi Yuanyuan is working very hard for her current work. She is not afraid that the live broadcast is too busy, she is not afraid that the filming is too hard, and she is afraid that no one will take care of her. Therefore, after finishing the live broadcast every day, she has to recite tomorrow’s product catalog. Suddenly on the way home I found that I had forgotten the product catalog and planned to go back to get it.

Qian Xixi never went back because of overtime work. He saw a man in black passing by. She was so scared that Qian Xixi hurried to catch up but did not expect it was Jiang Zheyang. Jiang Zheyang took a scene with an anchor, so he wanted to watch it. During a live broadcast, Qian Xixi took Jiang Zheyang to visit his live broadcast room. The two also remembered what they had done when they were young. In Jiang Zheyang’s opinion, Qian Xixi is gentle on the surface, but beating is top-notch. He helped him out when he was in school. It was like a beauty saving a hero. In Jiang Zheyang’s impression Qian Xixi has always been very cute.

When Qian Xixi and Jiang Zheyang were chatting, Yuanyuan came back to pick up things. Qian Xixi took Yuanyuan to live with him. However, considering that Jiang Zheyang could not leave the country casually, Qian Xixi gave Jiang Zheyang a white fox mask. . When the lipstick was broadcast, the audience suggested that they wanted to look at the lipstick, but there was no tissue at the scene. Jiang Zheyang put his face up, Qian Xixi kissed the mask and the lipstick became pale. Because the live broadcast products were sold out this time, Duan Ran had to call in the monitoring after learning the situation to see what happened after Jiang Zheyang came. The more I watched, the more jealous I became.

Duan Ranren was intolerable, and he didn’t know how to accuse Qian Xixi of not getting too close to other men, so he could only run to blame Qian Xixi for not taking other people’s rest time to create performance for her. Qian Xixi looked angry at Duan Ran. I couldn’t help but laugh, and the jealous joke looks very cute. Duan Ran does not admit that he is jealous, but he does not forget to warn Qian Xixi that he must keep a distance from Jiang Zheyang. Qian Xixi deliberately confuses him and misleads Duan Ran when he hears that the relationship between him and Jiang Zheyang is unusual, and Duan Ran is angry.

Jiang Zheyang came to Ouyang happily. At a glance, Ouyang could see that Jiang Zheyang was happy to sell lipstick live with Qian Xixi, but he also reminded Jiang Zheyang that he shouldn’t show his stuff if he was photographed by paparazzi. Jiang Zheyang explained that it was for the male broadcaster of the new drama to experience life, although Ouyang knew Jiang Zheyang’s purpose, but he did not expose it.

Qian Xixi knew that Yuanyuan had always liked a high-end brand of cosmetics, so she went to talk about the advertisement and let Yuanyuan do it. Yuanyuan never dreamed of being a high-end brand before, and she was very grateful to Qian Xixi. It was because of this that he was hesitant to tell Qian Xixi about the plan to terminate the contract.

Under Zhang Bin’s persuasion, Yuanyuan had the courage to ask Qian Xixi to ask for her contract termination. Her life’s dream was to develop in the film and television industry, and now she finally had a female number one role. Yuanyuan didn’t want to because The anchor delayed the movie. Qian Xixi angrily criticized Yuanyuan for being irresponsible. The company gave Yuanyuan all the resources to make the list, but she said to give up and give up. The company would also suffer a lot of losses due to this. Yuanyuan knew that she had done something wrong and was willing to compensate 5 million Liquidated damages.

Duan Ran persuaded Qian Xixi after knowing the matter. At that time, she was ready when she was holding Yuanyuan. If she wanted to leave, she would have to pay the liquidated damages. By then, the money could make up for the company’s losses. Qian Xixi knew Yuanyuan’s family situation is not good. I don’t know how to make up the money. Duan Ran knows that Qian Xixi’s teeth are angered on the surface. In fact, his heart is softer than anyone else. After Yuanyuan left, all the gaps were filled.

Zhang Bin didn’t know that Yuanyuan had promised to pay liquidated damages at first. Later, when he saw Yuanyuan wanted to sell a house and a car, he came to Qian Xixi and told Qian Xixi about the first time he saw Yuanyuan. Zhang Bin is not a fan of Yuanyuan. He went to visit another star’s Ban and unexpectedly saw Yuanyuan hanging from Wia. Because everyone found it troublesome and didn’t put Yuanyuan down during the meal, Yuanyuan could not eat. Zhang Bin feeds Yuanyuan to dinner, thinking she is a very dedicated actress, so he has been a fan of Yuanyuan since then. Zhang Bin hoped that Qian Xixi would raise his noble hand and let Yuanyuan a horse. In the future, Yuanyuan would be more calm and confident when he encounters difficulties and troubles. Zhang Bin bowed deeply and begged Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi was softhearted, and even more so now. Can’t bear it.

Jiang Zheyang is the male lead in “Suspected Murder” because he has picked up a movie. Every day, in order to build muscles, he is constantly busy. Duan Ran has no Yuanyuan and the traffic has dropped a lot. Calling Ouyang to help introduce one Internet celebrities of traffic increase attention.

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