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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 33 Recap

Hao Pushi cooked Liang Yuanchao’s pork bone soup, and Yi Shengli went with her to visit Liang Yuanchao. Hearing from Lin Jiahao said that Liang Yuanchao often talked in sleep loudly afterwards. While Lin Jiahao was away, Yi Shengli enlightened Liang Yuanchao, hoping that he would not blame Lin Jiahao. The neighbors would not embarrass him for so many years, and don’t think about it. Liang Yuanchao said that he did go to the river that day and hesitated whether to jump into the river. Someone frightened him and fell into the water. Yi Shengli laughed after listening.

Yi Nannan is going to serve as a soldier in Hainan, and Hao Pushi has prepared a lot for him, worrying about his unfamiliar life and being wronged. Hao Pushi complained to Yi Dongdong that she had to leave her to raise her children. In fact, she was worried in her heart. Yi Dongdong said that he had a two-day holiday and wanted to go to Shenzhen to increase his knowledge and train himself. Hao Pushi finally agreed.

When Yi Dongdong left, he didn’t see Ma Xiaoxiao coming, and was a little disappointed. Hearing Sun Xun said that Ma Xiaoxiao had been busy at the law firm early in the morning. Ou Xiaojian came to his office and saw that Antu came to provoke him again. Antu was unhappy that Ou Xiaojian was reused by Cheng Fang and became the general manager of Hongtu Company. He knew that Ou Xiaojian used to study at the police academy and said that he would always stare at Ou Xiaojian’s every move. A move. What Antu didn’t know was that Ou Xiaojian recorded this passage.

In the middle of the night, Ou Xiaojian quietly walked to Antu’s office and recalled the words Antu said during the day. He found a computer and a photo album, and finally found a CD in a book with records of stolen money. But at a critical moment, the sound of the female secretary’s walking in high heels aroused Ou Xiaojian’s vigilance, but the CD was stuck inside, and he could only hide in desperation. After the female secretary came in and put the documents, she locked the door of Antu’s office again. Ou Xiaojian missed an opportunity to steal evidence.

When Ou Xiaojian returned to his office, he received a call from Cheng Fang and asked him to go to the British Mansion immediately to introduce him to several big bosses. Ou Xiaojian contacted Li Zhaohang, hoping that he could collect the net and catch Cheng Fang as soon as possible. Ou Xiaojian said that the stolen money recorded on the CD has shown that Hongtu Company has laundered all the money. If the net is not collected in time, Cheng Fang is likely to flee abroad.

After Antu counted the money from the illegal fundraising, he reminded Cheng Fang to evacuate quickly, and Cheng Fang asked him to clean up the report to avoid suspicion. Antu suddenly remembered about the report, and ran to Ou Xiaojian for the theory, only to find that he was talking with Li Zhaohang on the rooftop.

As expected, Antu saw that Ou Xiaojian had a problem. During the fight, Ou Xiaojian was stabbed in the abdomen and injured. In order to protect Ou Xiaojian from being held hostage by Antu, Antu asked Ou Xiaojian to bake him with handcuffs. With his last effort, Li Zhaohang threw Antu off the roof, and he himself was shot and killed. Ou Xiaojian looked at Li Zhaohang, who was dead, and could only choose to leave the scene.

Ma Xiaoxiao was also at Hongtu Company at the time. Antu jumped off the building and alarmed the police. Ma Xiaoxiao also went to find Ou Xiaojian, but Ou Xiaojian had already left. Ma Xiaoxiao was hit by a car while searching. Yi Dongdong heard the news of Ma Xiaoxiao’s injury and hurried to the hospital. He thought that Ma Xiaoxiao was dead, sitting on the ground and crying, but Ma Xiaoxiao came out and called him, which really scared him.

Li Zhaohang left a box for Ou Xiaojian with the reason for Ou Jianguo’s accident. In fact, Ou Jianguo served Li Zhaohang for the crime. After he was released from prison, he broke into the cross-border gang, but created a suicide illusion on the way home for action. Keep it secret, but unfortunately he disappeared in the end and has not been found.

Ou Xiaojian repeatedly listened to his last words and made his own decision. He contacted Cheng Fang. Zeng Hao went home to be engaged to Liang Xiaobao. The two were really together. Ma Xiaoxiao stood at the door of the house lost, looking at Xiao Hong Kong on the opposite side, hoping that Ou Xiaojian would be safe, she really decided to let it go.

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