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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 34 Recap

In 1995, Yi Dongdong became the director of the local petition bureau, specializing in resolving some wage arrears disputes. Hao Pushi installed a landline phone at home so that she can call Yi Dongdong frequently, which is very convenient. Yi Dongdong didn’t want Hao Pushi to give him a blind date, always making excuses that he was too busy to go home for dinner on time. Hao Pushi was very angry, and didn’t know what kind of woman could enter Yi Dongdong’s eyes.

Ma Xiaoxiao also worked well at the law firm, and brought a new intern Xiaoding. At the law firm’s meeting, Xiao Ding had no scruples. He directly stood up and said that Mr. Xu often faked his work for private purposes, and asked his trainees to run errands for him overtime, and did not apply for subsidies and overtime pay. This made Lawyer Xu lose face in front of everyone and accused Ma Xiaoxiao of not teaching interns. Ma Xiaoxiao asked Xiao Ding to silence, and hoped that Xiao Ding would not do things by justice alone, and he needed more thinking.

After returning home, Ma Xiaoxiao saw Yi Dongdong come to the house to accompany Ma Yingjun to eat. When the two of them were washing dishes, they recalled that they were in high school. Ma Xiaoxiao thought that the seats arranged by Teacher Su were unreasonable. Teacher Su admires. Ma Xiaoxiao thinks that her former self is a person who is not afraid of the heavens and the earth, but there are still many people in her heart who can’t let go. She thinks that life now is pretty good, and plain. Time flies, making Ma Xiaoxiao more mature.

The restaurant opened by Aunt Niu is getting bigger and bigger. Suddenly a customer finds fault and says there is a problem with the dishes. Chen Lili quarrels with the customer. Chen Lili gets angry and tells Aunt Niu that she doesn’t want to do it. On the way home, Chen Lili heard from her neighbor that Sun Benyan might have an affair and invited the young girl Xiao Wu to dinner. Chen Lili fainted again, and when she woke up, she quarreled with Sun Benyan again, thinking that Sun Benyan disliked him. As a result, Sun Benyan was laid off, so Xiao Wu was asked to help him find a job.

Sun Yan is going to record a program for Madada, and Madada is coming back from Hong Kong. Chen Lili and Sun Benyan temporarily conceal the fact that they were laid off from Sun Yan. Ma Xiaoxiao was washing dishes at home and suddenly heard a strange noise. She thought that a thief came in and walked over with a rolling stick, but Aunt Niu came back. If Madada comes back because the company wants to photograph her native family. Ma Yingjun was happy, but he was worried that Madada’s face was lost by his appearance.

When Madada is coming back, Sun Yan is very happy, and asks Yi Dongdong to drink, and Yi Dongdong wants him to seize the opportunity. Yi Nannan has been running business with Yi Shengli since he was discharged from the army, and he is very busy. After Zeng Hao and Liang Xiaobao got married, they gave birth to a baby again, which was very happy. Zeng Xing also got married and became a well-known architect.

Aunt Niu bought a special set of festive clothes for the filming of the show. Chen Lili, Hao Pushi and others all came to celebrate her. The director asked Aunt Niu to change into a plain dress. Unexpectedly, Ma Yingjun was not in the room. Yi Dongdong looked around and ran into Ma Xiaoxiao. Ma Xiaoxiao was worried, and followed Yi Dongdong to find Ma Yingjun. Ma Yingjun was worried that he lost Madada’s face, so he ran away from home temporarily.

After Madada came back, he chose Big Banyan Tree as the opening scene of the filming show. Sun Fal had been looking forward to Madada coming back. Madada introduced Chen Lili and others one by one after entering the house, but did not see Ma Yingjun’s figure a little lost. After Ma Yingjun came back, Madada still pretended to be cheerful, but she was very angry that neither Ma Yingjun nor Madada were present and affected her shooting. After listening to Ma Xiaoxiao, she knew Ma Yingjun’s inferiority thoughts.

During the interview with Madada, the reporter asked some embarrassing questions. Sun Yan was very angry when he heard that, and did not hold back the reporter to disturb the interview, but Madada was very happy.

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