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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 29 Recap

Shang Rongsheng was rescued back into the car. The whole process took a very short time. Before the other party could respond, the police committee’s action team went away. Even Shen Qinghe dragged Shang Junyi back to the car and left with a kick. pier.

The two kidnappers with the ransom jumped into the jeep and chased after him. Shen Qinghe turned around, finally throwing off his tail. She abandoned the car on a hidden path, and immediately took Shang Junyi to the tailor shop at the police station’s transit point, where she successfully met Shang Rongsheng. The police commissar knew that there would be police officers coming to take notes later, so he sent a comrade to pretend to be the housekeeper of Shangjia.

After Shen Qinghe handed Shang Junyi to Lao Dong, she quickly left the tailor shop, but unfortunately she didn’t change her dress in time, even if she was wearing a fake headgear, it was still too eye-catching after all. The two kidnappers, centered on the car, kept expanding their search around, and they met Shen Qinghe on the way to the tram station.

Gu Yaodong stayed at Yang’s house for a long time, never waiting for Shen Qinghe. He didn’t gradually leave until Yang Yixue came back from the outside. He happened to see Shen Qinghe appearing at the entrance of the alley, but did not enter the Fu’an alley. Instead, he continued to walk forward with a strange expression, behind him. Follow two strange men.

Realizing that Shen Qinghe might be being followed, Gu Yaodong immediately picked up the tongs and ran towards the entrance of the alley. Shen Qinghe circled back to the tram station. The two kidnappers were impeded by the other passengers in the car. They were temporarily stopped. When Gu Yaodong arrived, the tram had already left.

After two stops, far enough from Fu’an Lane, Shen Qinghe got off the car and turned into the small road. He walked faster and faster. Just as he was about to walk out of the alley, the two kidnappers suddenly emerged from the side and raised their pistols at her. One of the kidnappers pulled out a pocket-sized Browning pistol from Shen Qinghe’s bag, and the other questioned her identity.

Shen Qinghe admitted that she had a good relationship with Ms. Shang and explained clearly the source of the pistol. As a result, the other party didn’t believe her at all and insisted that she was a Communist. He was about to tie her back to life, but Gu Yaodong raised his tongs and rushed over, so that the kidnappers could not resist. Shen Qinghe took the opportunity to pull Gu Yaodong away, but the other person shot in the direction where Shen Qinghe left. One shot was empty and another shot. Seeing that the kidnapper was about to become angry, the gunshot sounded from elsewhere, and the kidnapper fell to the ground.

When the patrolmen heard the sound, Shen Qinghe dragged Gu Yaodong to hide beside him. Originally, Gu Yaodong wanted to take her back to Fu’an Lane, but Shen Qinghe said that he would go to another place for a few days. The mission was a long time. Regardless of whether Gu Yaodong kept the pavilion, he would never come back again. Gu Yaodong only considered the meaning of the words. He hadn’t noticed that Shen Qinghe’s face was pale and his forehead was sweaty. He considered when he would not see him again in the future, so he hugged her and said goodbye.

Shen Qinghe watched Gu Yaodong walk deep into the path, and then turned back to the alley. The gunshot wound on the side of the abdomen became more serious, and the blood gradually penetrated. Shen Qinghe struggled to support the wall until she knelt on the ground and was about to faint. Fortunately, Old Dong brought her back to the car in time. It turned out that Old Dong was not worried about Shen Qinghe, so he kept following behind, including the two kidnappers who had just shot him.

At this time, there was constant noise in the alley of Fu’an. If a police car hadn’t been parked at the alley, Gu Yaodong didn’t know what happened to the Yang family. The three policemen are patrol officers of the security brigade. They accused Yang Yixue of illegal theft. Whether it was based on the motive of the crime or the testimony, they have all been charged with real crimes. The stolen goods were the shoes lost in the Tianji shoe store. Yang Fuduo’s feet.

The police forcefully pulled off the leather shoes, and then dragged Yang Yixue out. Even though Yang Yixue begged and explained why, no one dared to believe him. Neighbors around him were silent, and when they showed sympathy, they pressed another anger. After the police car left completely, they all stood on the moral high ground and accused Gu Yaodong for not interceding, and even classified him as a villain with no conscience.

Early the next morning, Gu Yaodong rushed to the second place to inquire about Yang Yixue’s case. Fortunately, the amount involved in the case was relatively small. It was nothing more than an ordinary law and order case. Instead, Zhao Zhiyong hurriedly searched for his notebook and followed everyone by car to Shangjia. One of the purposes of Zhong Baiming’s transfer to the police station was to supervise the “Tai Ping Project”, and Shang Rongsheng was the core of the plan. So when he heard that Shang Rongsheng was rescued last night, he directly called and angered Director Tao of the inspection team for not taking care of it. A few idiots lost the “core” for an extra $50,000.

Now that the situation is irreversible, Zhong Baiming intends to find the inner ghost and catch the communist communists. He has locked the suspects on several people, but he still needs evidence to confirm. He immediately asked Zhao Zhiyong to come to the Shangjia for the transcript made during the last investigation. Although the notebook is Zhao Zhiyong, but the transcript was written by Gu Yaodong.

Zhong Baiming smiled and praised Gu Yaodong’s beautiful handwriting, and then asked Zhao Zhiyong about Gu Yaodong’s situation. A few insignificant chats had already gathered a lot of information, especially when he flipped through the notebook, and found that one of the pages was torn off.

After arriving at Shangjia, the task force did not see Shang Rongsheng himself. The man disguised as a housekeeper by a police committee member said that Shang Rongsheng had taken Shang Junyi out of Shanghai and refused to reveal whereabouts. He only described the situation on the night of the payment of the ransom, but concealed important clues during the period.

Even though the housekeeper’s confession was seamless, Zhong Baiming’s suspicion was not completely dispelled. He left the Shang family and went directly to Qi Shengping, borrowing an old “Moganshan” story to lead the suspicion to Shen Qinghe, and by the way, he asked for the mysterious anonymous letter. Since Qi Shengping and Shen Qinghe often have business dealings, he was slightly dissatisfied with Zhong Baiming’s investigation direction. Due to the forces behind him, he simply sneered and took out an anonymous letter.

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