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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 30 Recap

The anonymous letter paper seemed nothing special, except for the potholes on the edge that caught Zhong Baiming’s attention, so he invited Zhao Zhiyong to have a meal during the lunch break. Zhao Zhiyong was dumbfounded, especially when he heard that he was going to his own noodle stall, he was even more flattered. He immediately wiped the tables and chairs, ran to Zhao’s mother happily and told her to make a spring noodle with the taste of his hometown.

At this time, there were not many customers at the small noodle stall. Zhong Baiming took the opportunity to open his notebook and took out the anonymous letter paper to compare with the torn page. As expected, the edges were tightly closed. Zhao Zhiyong came with the hot noodles, Zhong Baiming calmly closed his notebook, casually ate two mouthfuls of noodles, exchanged a few words, and then opened the door to explain his intentions.

As the familiar handwriting of the anonymous letter came into view, Zhao Zhiyong was stunned, and his mind came up with a picture of how he wrote the anonymous letter in his left hand and submitted it to the deputy director’s office that day. Zhong Baiming concluded from Zhao Zhiyong’s reaction and simply continued to ask about Gu Yaodong’s true identity and why he reported his friends anonymously.

Faced with Zhong Baiming’s aggressiveness, Zhao Zhiyong instantly panicked. Even if the reason for the report was difficult to explain, he was still willing to explain his process from liking Ding Fang to jealous of Gu Yaodong, and smoothly cleared Gu Yaodong’s suspicion of “communism”. Even though the reason sounded like an extremely clumsy lie, it made people laugh or cry, but Zhong Baiming still felt helpless, because he did see that Zhao Zhiyong had not lied.

After eating the last bite of noodles, Zhong Baiming once again recovered his usual kind face, and before leaving, he spoke to Zhao Zhiyong with earnestness, as if his superiors loved the care of his subordinates. Zhao Zhiyong reappeared with a gratitude smile, did not give much consideration to the other’s motives, and immediately crumpled the anonymous letter into a ball and threw it into the stove. Seeing the paper disappeared, he seemed to be pardoned by Zhong Baiming.

Gu Yaodong went to the detention center to visit Yang Yixue and learned part of the situation from him, but because he had not paid attention to the appearance of the liar, he could not provide any useful clues. Fortunately, the nature of the case is not bad. Now it has been handed over to the Second Penalty Division. Gu Yaodong promised to return Yang Yixue’s innocence, but Zhao Zhiyong thought it would be difficult to reverse the case in a short time, so he informed Gu Yaodong of Zhong Baiming’s previous suspicions and reminded him as a government policeman. The key is to do things for the government, that is, not to be successful, but also to protect yourself wisely.

However, Gu Yaodong was too upright and straightforward. He did not respond directly to Zhao Zhiyong. Instead, he leaned outside the door and thought for a long time, and finally decided to follow his heart. Later, Gu Yaodong applied for bail pending trial for Yang Yixue. Unexpectedly, things went far smoother than he had imagined. Zhong Baiming offered to investigate the situation with him at Yang’s house. Even though Gu Yaodong had some doubts, he still took him to the Fu’an alley.

Yang Jiaqing is cold and simple, and there is no clue to be found. Zhong Baiming didn’t want to be here, he probably looked around, pretending to be sympathetic, and handed it to Yang Fuduo. It was still early, and Zhong Baiming wanted to go to Gu’s house to ask for a cup of tea. Gu Yaodong suddenly remembered Zhao Zhiyong’s advice, and it was too late for him to stop it.

The new director drove over, and the old couple was busy with a smile, and kept taking out fruits and melon seeds. Only Gu Yaodong absent-mindedly brewed tea, thinking about finding an excuse to ask Zhong Baiming to leave, but Gu Bang would leave someone for dinner, but Zhong Baiming did not refuse, and even entered the rooms of Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe on the pretext of viewing.

The “Selected Poems of Schiller” on the desk is particularly conspicuous, especially the title page says “People, must be loyal to the dreams of youth”, which makes Zhong Baiming change Gu Yaodong’s view, but thinks that he is not like a nerd among the population, perhaps Childishness is just a disguise. As for the layout of the pavilion, there is nothing wrong on the surface, but the messy clothes on the bed and the unfinished drinking glass all point to Shen Qinghe’s hurried walk, even if Gu Yaodong explained the quarrel between the two.

After dinner, the family of three sent Zhong Baiming out. Seeing that her son’s expression was not good, Gu’s mother immediately explained to him. As a result, she almost burst out that Shen Qinghe was already out of town. It was the day Accounting Yang was arrested when she left home. The same day Rongsheng was rescued. Gu Yaodong noticed that Zhong Baiming was still outside. He pretended to pour water to observe the surroundings. When he found that people had gone far away, he hurried back to the pavilion, hurriedly packed all the clothes, put away the photos, and closed the windows. He was at a loss and panic to make sure there were no details. flaw.

The two kidnappers who chased Shen Qinghe before have now died and wounded. According to the doctor, there is little hope for the survivors to wake up. Wang Keda angrily rebuked the inspection department for its poor work, and even asked the police station to come over to clean up the aftermath. The errands fell on the torture, which was equivalent to asking him to clean up the mess himself, and he couldn’t help but get angry. Zhong Baiming was silent all the way until Wang Keda was annoyed and went out, so he took out Shen Qinghe’s household registration card, and wanted Captain Hong and other agents who pretended to be kidnappers to identify the photos. However, the night was too dark and too far away to see clearly.

In the conference hall, Zhong Baiming accompanied three senior executives to eat Western food, including the chief of the Shanghai Police Bureau and others. The three secret agents in charge of the operation knelt on the ground, and Chief Tao stood anxiously beside him. After he was pleased, he also summed up the reasons for the failure and tried to reduce responsibility. At present, there is no progress in the investigation, but Zhong Baiming smiled. For him, if the suspicion is rooted, it is difficult to get rid of it. From the failure of the Moganshan operation to the problem of the Taiping Plan, there are always several figures nearby. , In fact maintains a secret connection.

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