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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 55 Recap

In the afternoon, Zhuang Tingfeng arrived at the appointed place early and heard someone reading a poem, and he approached him. The other party said that a generous gentleman gave him money to set up a stall here. Zhuang Tingfeng would naturally come to him and relay his words. Said to let Zhuang Tingfeng wait in the phone booth in front.

The director told Ouyang Xiangling about the current situation, and Ouyang Xiangling hurried to his father to find clues. Zhuang Tingfeng received a call from Chi Tiecheng. Chi Tiecheng said that Qin Henian was closely monitored by the Communist Party because of the main battle, but Qin Henian had a way to get away and asked him to meet at the church at 3:30 in the afternoon. Zhuang Tingfeng refused to believe it easily, but in a blink of an eye he found Qin Henian’s military emblem under the phone booth, so he believed it.

Songjiang Church. Su Wenqian saw the fragments of Qin Zishu hitting the ground with his feet. After Chi Tiecheng came back, he looked at Su Wenqian quietly. Su Wenqian asked his father where he was. After all, he was the one who brought him up and he could not hurt him anyway! Chi Tiecheng pointed the gun at Qin Zishu, Su Wenqian quickly admitted his mistake and begged for mercy, saying that as long as they let them go, he would do anything.

Chi Tiecheng took out the clothes of the People’s Liberation Army and asked him to wear it. Ouyang Xiangling went to the old man’s place, but only saw the old man who was only breathing. The old man said intermittently at 3:30, and died after the church. Ouyang Xiangling quickly told the director that his father said that at 3:30 PM Songjiang Church, Chi Tiecheng would force Su Wenqian to kill Qin Henian, and everyone hurried to Songjiang Church.

Su Wenqian had put on the clothes of the People’s Liberation Army and found the gun according to what Chi Tiecheng said. Chi Tiecheng warned him that even if he didn’t shoot, he would kill him, and would let Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue be buried together. Qin Henian rushed to the church in a rickshaw with anxious heart, and Zhuang Tingfeng also believed Chi Tiecheng’s words to be true because of the token. Su Wenqian was at a loss outside the church because he saw Ouyang Xiangling wearing Qin Henian’s clothes with flowers on him. This is an agreement between Su Wenqian and her. If Ouyang Xiangling comes back with flowers, it means she agrees.

Ouyang Xiangling hinted that Su Wenqian shot himself. At the same time, Qin Zishu also broke free to stop Chi Tiecheng, but his gun still pierced Ouyang Xiangling’s body deeply. Qin Zishu pressed the dynamite switch desperately, she would never allow him to hurt others! Su Wenqian heard this explosion on the way to Ouyang Xiangling, and when the chief and Qin Henian arrived, they only saw Ouyang Xiangling wearing their own clothes and carrying a flower bed on a stretcher. Su Wenqian was still stunned. Qin Henian and Section Chief Cao were pulling the ruins like crazy, but only found one shoe of Qin Zishu.

Li Beifa took care of the single-lens, and after single-lens woke up, he was thinking about Chi Tiecheng. Li Bei-fa said that every time he saw a single-lens injury, he would feel it on his body. He felt that Chi Tiecheng had betrayed them and let him completely disappointed. Li Beifa didn’t want to continue killing people, he wanted to leave with a single edge. Qin Zishu was seriously injured and was still being rescued, but the bodies of Chi Tiecheng and Xiaoxue were not found in the church. Qin Henian sat outside the rescue room with blood on his hands. The director quickly received the news that Shan Leng was robbed of the chaos.

Tenth Corps, it was four o’clock right away, and the staff officer Qian asked Liao Jie to explode quickly, otherwise it would be too late. Liao Jie ignored him. He received a telegram from Zhuang Tingfeng saying that Qin Henian was shot and killed by the Communist Party because of the main battle. When the task force arrived, Zhuang Tingfeng also left a sentence that he was about to fall into the hands of the Communist Party to stop contacting. When Chief Cao saw Zhuang Tingfeng, he quickly took out Qin Henian’s letter to explain that Qin Henian was safe and that it was not Qin Henian who died in front of the church. Only then did Zhuang Tingfeng put down his gun and read the letter carefully. However, on the other side, Liao Jie had already begun to bury explosives because of the news of Qin Henian’s death.

Zhuang Tingfeng rushed to the hospital to see Qin Henian safe and was very excited, and told him that the Kuomintang had launched an operation called Operation Gardener a long time ago to force Liao Jie to be a sinner of the ages, and the deadline was 6 pm. However, Zhuang Tingfeng has passed the wrong news and said that he is likely to fall under the control of the Communist Party, so Liao Jie will not believe it no matter what news he sends. Mayor Wen asked Zhuang Tingfeng to contact him and report to the central government himself.

Before the bomb exploded, Chi Tiecheng jumped down, so he was not dead. He returned to the attic with the tied up Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue sobbed quietly, Chi Tiecheng was covered in blood, and told her abnormally that if Qin Henian and Qin Zishu did not die, they would not be able to be together. Xiaoxue cried even harder when facing such a biological father. The front line received a telegram asking them to try to contact Liao Jie to explain the truth.

Liao Jie asked Staff Qian to read the order to explode the embankment. After hearing this, everyone was very excited. How many ordinary people were killed by this explosion! Liao Jie said about the news that Qin Henian was killed by the Communist Party. The Chu army was enthusiastic. Coupled with Staff Staff Qian and others fanning the flames on the sidelines, Liao Jie decided to take the responsibility for blasting the embankment alone and fight the Communist Party to the death.

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