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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 56 Recap

At Songjiang Hospital, the director and section chief Cao brought Su Wenqian the gun that his father had repaired before his death, as well as the things left by Ouyang Xiangling before he died. Su Wenqian played the recordings left by Ouyang Xiangling during her lifetime. She was ready to die, but she was full of strength at the time. Ouyang Xiangling said that Su Wenqian has always been a brave person in her heart, because his heart is full of love.

The eight days of life and death with him are eight days unforgettable. Su Wenqian made her feel the heartbeat and rebirth. She knew that Su Wenqian The mood now is the same as when she lost Yang Zhiliang three years ago, but I hope he will not be like herself. Ouyang Xiangling doesn’t want Su Wenqian to be sad because of his departure, so he must take a look at New China with hope. It’s just that Ouyang Xiangling regrets that they can’t work together for the rest of their lives. Su Wenqian guarded the remains of Ouyang Xiangling and his father, crying heartbreakingly.

Liao Jie cut off the contact line and prepared to explode the embankment. Mayor Wen wants to tell the truth about the assassinations across the country through the radio. Whether Liao Jie believes it or not, he will at least be suspicious. It’s just that Chi Tiecheng may still be alive, and the jellyfish group will definitely not give up. Qin Henian doesn’t care about his safety. The most important thing is to prevent Liao Jie from exploding the embankment. The radio released the truth about the assassination of Qin Henian, saying that Qin Henian was safe and sound. Chi Tiecheng was immediately surprised when he heard the broadcast, Xiaoxue quickly begged him not to kill Qin Henian again, he was dead!

Liao Jie also heard the content on the radio. When Shan Leng heard these, she once again ignited hope. She asked Li Beifa to go to Chitiecheng with her to complete the task. As long as she helped Chitiecheng one more time, she would follow. He left Songjiang, and Li Beica agreed. Chi Tiecheng posted a missing person notice on the street, and also wanted to find Shan Leng and Li Beicai. Staff Qian was ashamed of hearing the broadcast. This is a broadcast that can be heard throughout the country. Presumably Liao Jie is also willing to believe that Qin Henian is not dead. Shan Leng was very happy to see the missing person notice. Chi Tiecheng was not dead.

Li Beicai came to him because of her, and he didn’t care about the task at the moment. The front-line commander received a call from Liao Jie and quickly explained to him the truth of Qin Henian’s assassination. It was their public security personnel who paid the price of their lives to protect Qin Henian. Liao Jie refused to believe that he wanted to see Qin Henian, and used the radio to let Qin Henian speak on the radio. He could recognize his voice, and he must hear Qin Henian’s voice before six o’clock.

Chi Tiecheng came to meet Shan Leng and Li Beicai. Shan Leng was very happy to see him. Chi Tiecheng didn’t pursue Li Beicai’s shot. He only had a mission. Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng to send a telegram to Staff Counsel Qian, speculating that Qin He’s annual meeting would be broadcast publicly, hoping that Staff Counsel Qian would find out the time of the speech. Songjiang has only two qualified radio stations, and Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng to investigate these two radio stations.

Shan Leng got off the car, Li Bei Raft was very nervous facing Chi Tiecheng. Staff Officer Qian went to see Liao Jie immediately and asked him if he had negotiated with the Communist Party. He also cut off the telephone line, which Liao Jie quickly blocked. When the phone rang, Liao Jie asked the staff to send the staff out. The staff refused to leave. He moved a chair and wanted to wait here by the way to fan the flames and ask everyone to stay. Liao Jie simply picked up the phone in public and replied. When I got it, I hung up.

Liao Jie turned his head and told everyone that Qin Henian will speak in person on Songjiang People’s Radio before 6:00 this afternoon, and the truth will be revealed at 6:00 PM. Staff Qian hurriedly passed the news to Chi Tiecheng, but Chi Tiecheng did not respond to the plan, and only asked him to wait for good news. The staff officer Qian refused to bet all on the jellyfish group and decided to seize the embankment. Master He was very happy when he heard the broadcast news. Liao Jie asked him to listen to his orders after listening to the broadcast.

The task force wants to protect Qin Henian to complete the speech. The jellyfish team is likely to assassinate Qin Henian again. After the task is arranged, Section Chief Cao is ready to set off. Su Wenqian came back and said that Songjiang People’s Broadcasting Station was not a suitable location and it was too dangerous. Yes, although Yangpu Radio has no equipment but the transmission tower is still there, it can also broadcast as long as the technicians are transported.

Everyone agreed that in order to prevent the inside of the Tenth Corps, they must tell Liao Jie after Qin Henian sets off. In order to disturb the enemy’s sight, they also needed a fake Qin Henian to lure Chi Tiecheng to shoot. Zhuang Tingfeng resolutely stood up to do this fake Qin Henian.

Chi Tiecheng fed Xiaoxue and drank a glass of medicated water, Zhuang Tingfeng and Qin Henian dressed up in exactly the same two cars and set off.

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