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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 23 Recap

Seeing that everyone didn’t believe her at all, Qian Xixi couldn’t help but regret that he had robbed Duan Ran for the position of CEO. An undergraduate student had to compete with the top students in Cambridge. If Yuanyuan and Zhang Jiayun were not as capable as Duan Ran, Qian Xixi had a deep distrust of herself for a while, so Zhang Jiayun had to comfort Qian Xixi and Duan Ran in their division of labor, and Duan Ran was closer to everyone’s interests.

Ouyang brought the new anchor to Rui, and Duan Ran personally accompanied him to familiarize himself with the environment. Qian Xixi reported to President Shen on the work of the quarter, and also unexpectedly learned from President Shen why Duan Ran forced her to collect money in the first place, President Shen I don’t know the process affirmed Qian Xixi’s work, especially in the workplace, the favor must be separated from the work.

Su Su was picked up by a man. The colleagues in the company felt that Su Su was in love. Pink bubbles were flying around her. But when the world heard this kind of discussion, it turned into a black mist flying around. Anxious, I looked at the mirror blankly for a long time.

Suddenly Yu Shi, who was upset, heard the office phone ringing. Someone complained that the skin care products sold by Rui were fake, which caused consumers to grow beards. Yu Shi was in a bad mood and satirized that the customer deliberately falsely complained and called the complaint phone. loose the temper.

When Duan Shengyun and his wife heard that Qian Xixi wanted to move away, they were full of dismay. They were worried that she would not be able to eat three meals a day. Duan’s mother was not accustomed to leaving Qian Xixi in tears, and Duan Ran deliberately proposed to move Qian Xixi next door. The room has also been renovated, and he will also live next door to Qian Xixi, so that she can protect her. Duan’s mother just can’t help but want to cry.

Qian Xixi was in a bad mood when he cleaned up the room. Thinking of Duan Ran’s various love and trouble with him, his heart was full of reluctance. Duan Ran teased Qian Xixi because he was reluctant to bear him. Qian Xixi heartily thanked Duan Ran. I also understand Duan Ran’s painstaking effort to let her collect money.

Duan Ran personally helped Qian Xixi pack things up and move there, but the two would argue for a long time because of trivial matters. They would argue about what to do first and then what to do, and Zhang Jiayun almost collapsed. Qian Xixi forgot to take the bed sheets and propose to go shopping. Zhang Jiayun deliberately created opportunities for the two of them, lied that they had something to do and did not go together. When shopping, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran bought food. I heard that the couple had a gift. Duan Ran hugged Qian Xixi and said that he was a couple. Qian Xixi suddenly felt different in his heart.

What Qian Xixi didn’t expect was that Duan Ran actually kissed Qian Xixi, and the two of them could be regarded as a kiss, breaking the relationship between the two. Qian Xixi kissed Duan Ran back and looked at each other although sweet in his heart. There was also a slight embarrassment at that time.

Duan Ran held Qian Xixi’s hand and solemnly said the three words “I love you”. These three words broke the slight embarrassment. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi showed their love to each other, but no one remembered When did I start to like each other.

When Qian Xixi and Duan Ran were waiting for the elevator, they were hugging and unwilling to let go. They happened to be seen by Duan’s mother. The two lied to Qian Xixiwei’s feet. They were used to being close to Duan’s mother and didn’t have any doubts. .

Su Su met the scumbag and broke up. When he was sad and weeping, the customer came to complain. The customer had a beard because of the perfect blue cosmetics, but was satirized by the angry Su Su that he came to touch porcelain. The female customer was broken up by her boyfriend because of her long beard, and Su Su satirically ridiculed that it was worthy of a man who met a scumbag. The customer was so angry that the customer left in tears, and Su Su didn’t care.

Duan Mu really thought Qian Xixi was on her feet, and she rubbed a lot of safflower oil. He was trapped in his arms by Duan Ran as soon as he came out of the room. Duan Ran was thankful that Qian Xixi moved out. There is no way to get close when people are stared at. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi warned each other not to approach Jiang Zheyang and Ouyang, and Duan Ran didn’t forget to ask for a goodnight kiss before going to bed.

Early the next morning, Duan Ran stole the car key and was discovered by Duan Mu, forcing him to give the car to Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi was missing a driver while helping to round the field. Duan Mu immediately agreed to drive Duan Ran and both of them were driving. Don’t forget that your feet are next to your feet under the table. On the way, Duan Ran had to stop and kiss Qian Xixi and taste the smell of lipstick. When he was sweet, he suddenly received a complaint from the telephone company.

The customer has complained to the quality inspection department, and the quality inspection department officially sealed the company for suspected trafficking in fake and shoddy goods.

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