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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 24 Recap

Consumer Feifei accuses Su Su and Yu Shi of sarcasm and sarcasm against her, and slanders her as touching porcelain. Although Duan Ran and Qian Xixi believe that the product is okay, every batch is strictly inspected, but they still have to agree. All things in Perfect Blue were temporarily confiscated by random inspection.

Duan Ran and Qian Xixi asked Shi and Susu respectively. Yu Shi had to explain that because he liked Susu, and Susu had a boyfriend, it was sad and sad that affected his mood. Susu was also thrown away by a scumbag. It affected the mood and made mistakes. Both of them sincerely admitted their mistakes, hoping to make up for their mistakes. Qian Xixi and Duan Ran did not deeply blame them.

The Internet has quickly fermented about this matter, and Duan Ran is aware that the company may have an internal ghost, so people are strictly checking the surveillance video. Ouyang again informed Duan Ran that the female anchor Xiaoxiao was not coming again. The reason is unknown. Duan Ran analyzed everyone who knew that Xiaoxiao came that day and suspected that it might be her own person.

Yu Shi and Susu came to Feifei to apologize and gave a set of skin care products, but Feifei didn’t even open the door and drove away angrily so they and Susu. Yu Shi stood downstairs and planned to apologize every day. Until Feifei calmed down, Feifei poured a basin of water on Yu Shi’s head. Su Su was very angry and felt that Feifei was too much, but Yu Shi thought that some people were irritable and disturbed. It was a manifestation of depression, and Su Su hurriedly went back to find Feifei, for fear that she would do something else.

Qian Xixi and Duan Ran came to Mr. Mu. Mr. Mu insisted that Feifei is black powder, and they also faced the black powder incident with Rui Live. As a result, the quality inspection report found that the cosmetic liquid foundation did contain With excessive hormones, Xiao Mu immediately decided to abandon Rui Live to keep perfect blue.

Su Su and Yu Shi finally knocked on the door, Feifei kept crying, and there was a bottle of medicine on the table. Feifei was dissatisfied with the perfect blue product. Only then did her boyfriend Zhang Si break up with her. It was Rui Live. The more she cried, the more sad and angry Feifei became. Susu persuaded Feifei not to hurt herself because of anyone. If Zhang Si broke up with her because of this incident, it means that Zhang Si is also a scumbag. male.

Mr. Ding and Chen Lang secretly colluded to design Rui Live. The purpose was to get Perfect Blue to leave Rui Live and choose Yun Live. Mr. Ding didn’t know where the hatred came from. As long as Duan Ran felt uncomfortable, he was very happy.

Ouyang called Duan Ran and asked about Perfect Lan. Qian Xixi was jealous when he heard that it was Ouyang’s call. Duan Ran coaxed Qian Xixi to agree not to meet Ouyang. Susu and Yu Shi came back when they were sweet. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi immediately pretended that they disliked each other and quarreled, and Su Su and the world were not surprised.

Jiang Zheyang wanted to see Qian Xixi when he heard that Rui Live had an accident. Ouyang pacified Jiang Zheyang’s top priority is to train his body well and achieve satisfactory results when meeting with the organizer. At the same time, Ouyang also promised to contact Duan Ran as soon as possible, and if they really need their help, they will also come forward.

Chen Lang made a public press conference, cleared all his own responsibilities, and left the pot to the internal problems of the transportation and storage of the live broadcast company. Chen Lang came to Mr. Mu to talk about the cooperation of Perfect Blue in the next season, and hope that Mr. Mu will issue all the products. Inspection report. Although Xiao Mu always feels that Chen Lang is very different from Duan Ran, he has no choice but to choose Chen Lang.

The overwhelming news in the news media all attacked Rui’s unscrupulous live broadcast, and Duan Ran had to admit that they did not have a complete supply chain and that they had insufficient staff to conduct quality inspections on each batch of products. Duan Ran arranged a live broadcast to go to various places to retrieve all the perfect blue products sold. Su Su asked for leave on the grounds of physical discomfort, and Zhang Jiayun waited for a refund in the company.

Little Yellow Duck, Coke, Fifth Brother, and Bai Siyu went out to visit customers one by one, and received a lot of returned goods, but there are still some customers who cannot be contacted when they are not at home. At the same time, Su Su left the company and went on the way to find Zhang Si. Su Su felt that if Zhang Si and Feifei broke up because of Perfect Blue products, then they were responsible for helping Feifei find Zhang Si.

Qian Xixi, who was worried in his heart, suddenly heard that there was a girl next to him talking about Perfect Blue, and they had bought products that they hadn’t had time to open.

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