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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 11 Recap

The emperor brought Wei Xiaobao to visit the queen mother, and when he entered the door, he saw the body of Liu Yan and the monk. The emperor saw that the queen mother was safe and sound. He still ordered a one-year salary as a guard on duty. I wanted to ask the imperial physician to see the queen mother, and the empress wanted to take a good rest, so the emperor had to leave as ordered.

The more the emperor thought about it, the more something went wrong and forced Wei Xiaobao to tell what happened in Cining Palace. Wei Xiaobao called the emperor outside the hall where no one was there, and drove the guards and eunuchs 50 meters away. He told the emperor a great secret, Wei Xiaobao. Admitting that he is not really Xiao Guizi, Xiao Guizi was killed by Hai Dafu a long time ago. He called himself Yangzhou Xiaobailong. He was an indomitable man. When the emperor wanted to verify his body, Wei Xiaobao had to take off his pants.

Wei Xiaobao told the emperor the greater secret again. The emperor did not die at all. Now that Wutai Mountain is a monk, the emperor is ecstatic and wants to see the emperor tomorrow morning. Wei Xiaobao also revealed to him that the queen mother is hiding a man in the palace Even pretending to be a court lady, the emperor yelled with anger. Duolong and the guards rushed to hear the news, and the emperor ordered all the guards in Cining Palace to be removed.

Princess Jianning had prepared everything early, waiting for Wei Xiaobao to come and find her out of the palace, but she waited for a long time, and Wei Xiaobao was not seen. The emperor took Wei Xiaobao to visit Cining Palace at night, and sent someone to put the body of the bald man into a sack. The emperor wanted to smash the man’s body into pieces, so Wei Xiaobao hurriedly stopped him and gave him kind advice. The emperor sent Wei Xiaobao to explore Wutai Mountain. If the first emperor is really there, the emperor will visit him again.

Wei Xiaobao is now an eunuch. He can’t leave the palace casually. The emperor promised not to let him be an eunuch after the incident was completed. He was appointed as the deputy chief of the imperial guard, and Wei Xiaobao led the order to leave. . Princess Jianning waited all night, but did not see Wei Xiaobao’s figure. She came to Wei Xiaobao for the theory early in the morning and found that he was no longer there. Wei Xiaobao came to the cloth storehouse, returned the bracelet to Fang Yi, and took Fang Yi and Mu Jian out of the palace. Princess Jianning chased afterwards, and Wei Xiaobao ordered the guards guarding the palace gate to stop her.

Wei Xiaobao brought Fang Yi and Mu Jianping to the Qingmutang resident and admitted that he was the incense master, Fang Yi and Mu Jianping couldn’t help being surprised. Wei Xiaobao asked Xu Tianchuan to escort Fang Yi and Mu Jianping back to the Mu Palace, and gave him a large sum of money for entanglement. Wei Xiaobao hid the four “Forty-two Chapter Scriptures” in the coffin, and then set off for Wutai Mountain.

Wei Xiaobao stayed in an inn, and when he wanted to come to drink the finest wine and food, he poured himself into himself, and soon became drunk and unconscious. Tao Hongying woke up Wei Xiaobao early in the morning. Wei Xiaobao knew that his wine and vegetables had been poisoned. Thanks to Tao Hongying’s rescue, he survived. Tao Hongying admitted that she entered the palace for eight “Forty-two Chapters”. When the army entered the customs, they looted gold and silver treasures, hid them on the mountain, and drew a treasure map. They were hidden in eight scriptures. Only when they gathered enough eight books, could they find those treasures.

Fang Yi and Mu Jianping were worried about Wei Xiaobao, so Xu Tianchuan took them to Shanxi. Wei Xiaobao took a carriage to Mount Wutai and met Liu Yizhou halfway. Liu Yizhou was furious when he heard that Wei Xiaobao forced Fang Yi to marry him. He rushed into the carriage and wanted to kill Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was so scared that he hurried to hide and tied Liu Yizhou to the carriage while he was not prepared. Wei Xiaobao humiliated him in every possible way. He took out the dagger and let Liu Yizhou be the eunuch. Liu Yizhou was so scared that he yelled and admitted that Fang Yi was his wife.

Fang Yi and Mu Jianping just caught up. They heard Liu Yizhou’s words and were very disappointed with Liu Yizhou. Wei Xiaobao threatened Liu Yizhou. Fang Yi hurriedly stepped forward to relieve the siege. Xu Tianchuan and the others also helped and asked them to shake hands and make peace.

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