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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 12 Recap

Wei Xiaobao and Xu Tianchuan and his party continued to rush to Wutai Mountain. A group of people in black hurried past them. Xu Tianchuan saw that they were not good crops and reminded everyone to be more careful.

On this day, the sky started to rain heavily. The group of people in black came to an empty house and forced open the door. They saw that there were many coffins inside. Wei Xiaobao and Xu Tianchuan and others rushed to the house and stayed here temporarily. Settle down. The headed man in black called himself Zhao San, and asked Xu Tianchuan about the whereabouts of Duke Gui. Wei Xiaobao was too frightened to speak out, and Liu Yizhou stood up and identified Wei Xiaobao.

Before Liu Yizhou’s words fell, he was slapped in the face by the disciples of Qingmutang. Zhao San gave an order, and the men in black surrounded Wei Xiaobao and the others. The two sides fought fiercely. Everyone protected Wei Xiaobao. Zhao San saw it and hurried to Wei Xiaobao. He bowed to apologize, and then led people to exit, secretly spraying poison mist from the window. Before Wei Xiaobao and others could react, they were all fainted.

Wei Xiaobao woke up again and found himself being hung in a cage. Zhao San reported that his family was a disciple of the Shenlong Sect. Wei Xiaobao among them was the poison of the snake thief and Shenfeng. Zhao San fed Wei Xiaobao the medicine licorice juice, and Wei Xiaobao scolded him. Dirty, using the tricks of Xia San, Zhao San turned around in anger and left.

Wei Xiaobao was carrying a cage and wanted to chase out. He suddenly saw a woman in white wearing a ghost mask at the door. He was so scared that he yelled. The woman claimed to be Shuang’er. She took Wei Xiaobao to see Mrs. Zhuang. The girls knelt down to ask Wei Xiaobao to salute him, thanking him for killing his disagreeable enemy, Obai. Mrs. Zhuang remembered the incident of being framed by Wu Zhirong and Aobai. She was saved by a master. Bringing Shuang’er and others incognito, playing as a ghost in this old house, for fear of being recognized.

Wei Xiaobao understood the whole story and promised to find Wu Zhirong and take revenge on them. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of the epidemic prevention and Mu Jianping and others. Mrs. Zhuang had already rescued them from Zhang Laosan, and suddenly several martial arts appeared. The strong people took all the questions away. Mrs. Zhuang gave Shuang’er to Wei Xiaobao and asked her to protect Wei Xiaobao by her side. Wei Xiaobao naturally couldn’t ask for it, so she picked off the jade bracelet handed down and gave it to her as a meeting gift.

Early the next morning, Wei Xiaobao took Shuang’er to visit Mrs. Biezhuang and continued to drive towards Wutai Mountain. Wei Xiaobao and Shuang’erxiao went to stay overnight, day and night, and finally came to the foot of Wutai Mountain. Wei Xiaobao was already exhausted. They just wanted to rest on the side of the road when they suddenly saw a group of lamas passing aggressively and following them. Followed to Qingliang Temple.

The leading lama forced the abbot of Qingliang Temple to surrender the little lama who was kidnapped by the monk. The abbot refused to cooperate. Some lamas found a locked room in the backyard. They immediately rushed over to see what was happening. The monk inside shot out. They were protecting a middle-aged monk. Wei Xiaobao guessed that he was the emperor’s biological father, the emperor. He and Shuang’er used a dagger to kidnap the headed lama and capture him alive.

Wei Xiaobao handed over the emperor’s imperial decree to the abbot, explaining that this trip was to protect the old emperor who was a monk. Wei Xiaobao conducted a surprise trial on the lama and forced him to confess to the master behind the scenes. He told them that the queen mother paid for them to find a middle-aged monk. That night, Wei Xiaobao brought the two children to see the old emperor and persuaded him to leave the Qingliang Temple as soon as possible, so as not to incur a murderous disaster.

Wei Xiaobao revealed the various crimes of the Queen Mother, and explained that the emperor was coming to Wutai Mountain to visit him. The emperor did not allow the emperor to come, let him deal with the affairs of the state with peace of mind, and let Wei Xiaobao tell the emperor the words “Never add gifts”. Finally, the emperor The master also asked Wei Xiaobao to bring a scripture to the emperor, and inquired about the emperor’s situation in detail, and Wei Xiaobao said it out.

Wei Xiaobao left Qingliang Temple with Shuang’er early in the morning and ran into a person with a weird head. He walked a few steps and suddenly called to Wei Xiaobao to expose him as the eunuch Xiao Guizi in the palace. Wei Xiaobao denied it, and Hu Bian himself called Xiao Xiao Baby, that person actually believed it and told them to continue on their way.

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