Chinese Plot

You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 21 Recap

Gu Chenyu wore a mask and said in a nonverbal identity that she used to be the one who listened to my voice in the audience. She said that no one’s voice has ever moved her so much, and thanked her for liking him. Walking down the stage, I walked all the way to Xia Xiaoning and stretched out her hand. Xiao Ning told him that it was not good. Gu Chenyu said that I believed him, and Xiao Ning also stretched out his hand. Xie Fei was with Jin Yao and told Team Leader Wang that he was the boss of Pineapple FM and had been with Jin Yao for a long time. Jin Yao said that Xie Fei had been stalking her for a long time, and Team Leader Wang would hear it. While writing on the book, his eyes widened in shock, Xie Fei also said that Xie Wuchang would also dub Wangchuan, because he was Xie Wuchang.

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