Chinese Plot

You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 22 Recap

Gu Xiyuan told Xia Xiaoning that as long as you take the initiative to leave my brother, I can not hate you. Xiaoning said that you should continue to hate me. This business is not worthwhile. Gu Xiyuan continued to ask how she was willing to leave Gu Chenyu. Xiao Ning asked how he would accept it. Gu Xiyuan said it was impossible, and Xiao Ning also said that she was the same, while Gu Chenyu was still sitting next to him reading and saying The two of them have a fight. Xie Fei was drunk, Gu Chenyu teased him while videotaping him, and finally Xie Fei cried and said that Jin Yao didn’t like him. Xiao Ning’s mother came to see Xiao Ning but saw him walking out of Gu Chenyu’s house. Xiao Ning’s mother didn’t know what to say.

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