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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 26 Recap

At the party celebrating the success of encircling Chongjia, Yu Liang asked the senior brother how he was thinking about signing the time. Fang Xu hadn’t answered yet. Mu Qingchun pushed in. It turned out that Fang Xu had signed him. Then Fang Xu laid out the lineup for the first round of the game. Yu Liang was the main player. Mu Qingchun was a little dissatisfied. He felt that his strength would only be known after a trial.

Yu Liang went to Yue Zhi and asked how he won the game of chess. Yue Zhi said that it was strange that he won, and he seemed to be a different person after the mid-game. Obviously Yue Zhi had the advantage at the time, but time rushed from left to right in his space, as if he was assisted by gods. Yue Zhi said that time has changed a lot after going to Lanyin Temple.

In the next game, Yu Liang paid too much attention to the shape of the game and almost lost. After the game, Fang Xu reminded him to pay attention to this point, but Mu Qingchun said cool words on the side. Yu Liang didn’t care about Mu Qingchun’s provocation. Inadvertently, he heard from his senior brother that his father had lived in Lanyin Temple for a period of time. He also brought back a chess book and searched it at home. The teacher of his alma mater invited Shi Shi back to give a speech at the opening ceremony, but because the previous lecturers had too much time, Shi Shi’s speech was temporarily cancelled. After the ceremony, when he saw Wu Di, Gu Yu and others about to go out, he quickly ran to the microphone and told them that he had set the stage. Wu Di and others couldn’t help applauding him happily.

This day, Yu Liang was focusing on the game. Mu Qingchun walked up to him to play against him. If Yu Liang wins, he will be willing to play three games. If Yu Liang loses, he will give him the position of master. Yu Liang agreed. The two began to play against each other, but Yu Liang’s heart was not on the chessboard. He thought that time when he met an expert in Lanyin Temple, and the expert might be Chu Ying. Mu Qingchun looked at the chessboard and said happily that he had won and the position of the main player was his. Yu Liang didn’t care about it. He asked Mu Qingchun to ask for a leave of absence. He wanted to confirm something.

Chu Ying asked Shi Shi when to find the hand of God, he let Shi Shi take him to find Yu Xiaoyang, Shi Shi said he would definitely be driven out. Chu Ying was very unhappy that he had helped Time get into a career, and he was unwilling to help at this little time. Except for Yu Xiaoyang, the master they can think of is the lazy master. Chu Ying said that this time he will have a hand addiction. The next day, he rushed to Lan Yin Temple. He told Master Kidd that he had set a stage. Master Kidd was happy for him. Master Huofang asked Hong He what was happening. Time said he was also scheduled. Master Huofang smiled and said no Waste his potatoes for nothing.

Shi Shi came to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion to wake up Master Lazy, except for the good news, he said that he came to play chess with Master Lazy, Master Lazy said that he didn’t want to play, Shi Shi and Chu Ying couldn’t help but look at each other after listening, Master Lazy asked him Go to the kitchen to help, think about why I come to see him again.

Time grumbled while working in the kitchen. Chu Ying felt that this lazy monk should know something, and they should do what they want. Shi Shi went to Master Lazy and said that it was indeed not because he wanted to play chess. Chu Ying said that he wanted to play. He came to the hand of God. Shi Shi also asked Master Lazy to help Chu win this wish. Master Lazy readily agrees, but this time he has no more than twenty-one roads, and let time use white. Time looked down and saw that this is not all black. Master Lazy said that there is no black and white in the world, but black and white in the eyes of time.

When they were playing against Yi, Yu Liang also came. He asked the old monk who was sweeping the floor where the unknown monk on the next twenty-first road was, and the old monk asked him to go inside. At this time, Master Lazy was wiping sweat with his cuffs. When it was at a critical juncture, someone outside the door called Master. Chu Ying looked outside and Yu Liang had a bad heart. He was about to be arrested this time. He and Shizhuang were discussing how to deal with Shimen’s door being opened, and Yu Liang came in and was surprised to see Shizhao. Shi Shi stretched out his hand to cover the chessboard, Yu Liang walked over and pushed his hand away and leaned over to examine the chess game. Yu Liang asked Master Lazy if it was Chu Ying, Master Lazy said no. He handed Master Lazy a game score, and Master Lazy knew that he was Yu Xiaoyang’s son.

Shi Shi said that Yu Liang came to Chu Ying? Yu Liang said that he was here to find the secret of time. Master Lazy got up to leave and said not to disturb their old friends. Shi Shi and Yu Liang said in unison who was his friend. Yu Liang was about to go down the mountain, Master Lazy stayed here for one night. Master Kidney Bean said that there are no idlers in the temple and let Shiguang and Yu Liang go to carry water. The two of them were panting with a tank of water. Yu Liang wanted to see his current strength in the next game with Shitime, but Shiguang said to see you on the court.

The next morning, Yu Liang went down the mountain. After time got up, he went to see Master Lazy and wanted to finish playing yesterday’s chess, but Master Lazy couldn’t tell. He didn’t have a god hand, and their chess skills were too far apart. Shifu wanted to go back to Nanliang’s chess book, but Master Lazy said that there was no Chess from a friend of time. When Shi found Chu Ying’s chess, he saw that the person playing against Emperor Wu Ming was named Wumingshi. Master Lazy said that the game was not given to him because of timing Not arrived.

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