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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 27 Recap

Seeing that Hong He was signed by the professional team, Chu Ying couldn’t help but worry about time. If there is no team to sign, it means that there is no chess and time is also very urgent, but he believes that gold will shine. In the evening, I heard my mother say that there was a chess spy who was looking for him, so I hurriedly made a call according to the phone number my mother had remembered, and made an appointment with the other side to meet the next day.

After meeting in the cafe the next day, the man asked Shi Shi not to rush to sign a contract with the professional team, and asked him to take a photo shoot for publicity. Shi Shi took out all his belongings. He was a little dissatisfied when he couldn’t see the 100 yuan , They were talking about Fang Xu and came in. It turned out that he didn’t know that time was here until he called the Time House. The man hurriedly got up and slipped away when he saw Fang Xu. Time then knew that he had encountered a liar.

Fang Xu handed Time a contract agreement and wanted to invite him to join the Waida G•C Club. Shi Shi looked through the contract and asked Yu Liang if he knew about it. Fang Xu laughed and said Shi Shi was recommended to him by Yu Liang. He asked Shi Shi to think about it before replying to him. After time went back, he was very happy. He felt incredible that he could play chess with Yu Liang on the same team.

Yu Liang went to find Fang Xu, and Fang Xu knew his intentions and said that the contract had given time. Fang Xu heard that Yu Liang and Mu Qingchun had lost the lead in a game, and Yu Liang assured the senior that he would get it back soon.

Mother learned that Shizhao wanted to move out and rented a house with Hong He and was not at ease. She asked him to wait until he was 18 years old before moving out. When Shizhao was not happy, she argued with her mother. Chu Ying asked him to talk to her mother. Time’s tone When he softened, he told his mother that he was no longer a child, and that he now had a job and wanted a space to be alone. My mother still disagreed, and threatened that if he moved out, he wouldn’t pay him a penny. Shi Xiao laughed and said that he had a salary, and his mother was angry that he would not care about him in the future.

Fearing that his mother would not let him go, he packed up his things and moved to Honghe. He happily said that he smelled freedom, but Chu Ying could smell the mushy smell of Honghe cooking noodles. In the warm-up match of the siege, Mu Qingchun lost several games in a row. He ashamedly told Fang Xu that he was willing to be the third in the future matches, but he still couldn’t do it. Fang Xu asked him to tell Yu Liang himself that Mu Qingchun felt that it would be too embarrassing to return the master general who was taken back, so he asked Fang Xu to arrange it directly.

Then Fang Xu received a text message from Shiguang saying that he could sign a contract, so he made an appointment to see Shiguang at the old place next Monday night. Time thought that he could play against Yu Liang and couldn’t help but look forward to it. In order for Chu Ying to watch Yu Xiaoyang play chess from a close range, Time begged Hong He to give him the opportunity of the scorer, and he would leave Hong He and Cancan alone time, Hong He agreed.

Time had escaped early in the morning as agreed. At night, hungry, he returned home but found that his mother was not there. So he had to return to the place where He Honghe lived. Unexpectedly, his mother was waiting for him in the house, and Hong He looked helpless. Look at him. Seeing that Hong He’s date has turned into such a time, I can’t help but secretly enjoy myself. His mother brought him a lot of delicious food, and time finally didn’t have to eat instant noodles every day. He happily kissed his mother on the face.

Yu Xiaoyang and Zhao Bingfeng played against each other in the first round of the Tianyuan battle final triple play. Time was recorded on the side. Chu Ying praised that Yu Xiaoyang’s fall was very imposing. In the end, Zhao Bingfeng lost. After returning, Sangyuan told him that Yu Xiaoyang had a big flaw. In the second game, it was strange for Chu Ying to find that Zhao Bingfeng had changed his style. In this game, Zhao Bingfeng won. In the next round, Yu Xiaoyang felt that Yu Xiaoyang was about to lose again, but Chu Ying said that it might not be necessary. He felt that Zhao Bingfeng was dangerous. Sure enough, Zhao Bingfeng lost in the end. Chu Ying couldn’t help but sigh that Yu Xiaoyang was improving. Time went back and excitedly told Hong He that Yu Xiaoyang played a wonderful chess game. Hong He regretted giving him the opportunity of the scorer.

Fang Xu told Time to sign him not only because he has the potential, but more importantly, he can keep Yu Liang nervous and excited at all times. If you don’t understand time, Fang Xu explained that the detonator plays a catalytic role in the chemical reaction. Matter, and time is Yu Liang’s blasting agent. Every time he makes progress, Yu Liang feels pressure and keeps running forward. He refused to sign the contract and left after hearing that time was unhappy. In the new beginning stage setting ceremony, Shi Shi met Yu Liang, Yu Liang welcomed him to join, but Shi Shi said he didn’t have a team sign, but he would not be Yu Liang’s sparring partner, let Yu Liang go find someone else to detonate Agent.

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