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Medical concubine hard to train: the wife is too domineering

Medical concubine hard to train: the wife is too domineering
Other names: 醫妃難訓:夫人太霸道
Author: Dream Back to the Millennium
Genre: Novel, Romacne
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


She was originally the most proud disciple of Doctor of Medicine in the 21st century. After the crash, she crossed to Feng Lingxi, the fourth lady of the General Mansion of Xiyue State. She was framed by the concubine and aunt and strengthened a wounded man. By the way, she saved his life and thought about it. But I don’t know that this man was actually the fourth prince who died in battle. “I love concubine, after that night, the king thinks you are crazy, but can I still cure?”

“Cut forever.” “I love concubine, outsiders say that the king is afraid of the inside. Every time you are on the top and the king is down.” “What do you want?” “Naturally, the concubine is under the king.” Silently holding the quilt to the bed, looked at the beauty on the bed. “I love concubine, it is rumored outside that you have ruined the king, saying that you don’t want to be the king.


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