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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 57 End Recap

The jellyfish group has been preparing for the assassination in the dark, and the front line has turned on the radio station, looking forward to it. Chi Tiecheng accidentally discovered that Songjiang Radio, which was full of the Communist Party, temporarily cancelled the program, and immediately realized that Qin Henian was going to Yangpu Radio, and quickly asked Li Beira to stop him. Liao Jie received the news that his speech had been changed to Yangpu Radio, and then notified Master He. Staff Qian rushed to the embankment in the rain and wanted to cut the telephone line here.

Su Wenqian and Zhuang Tingfeng realized that Chi Tiecheng was not fooled the second they got off the car, and they quickly notified Section Chief Cao and everyone to rush to Yangpu Radio. Su Wenqian was ready to give his life and stop Chi Tiecheng. Liao Jie learned that Staff Qian had gone to the Great Dike and quickly called Commander He. He didn’t expect the telephone line to be broken, and then found out that his soldiers had also been taken away by Staff Qian. Chief Cao and Qin Henian’s car was hit by Li Beira, Chi Tiecheng fired the first shot, and Chief Cao was shot several times to protect Qin Henian.

When Su Wenqian arrived, Shan Leng shot the car like Chi Tiecheng was crazy. Then the police arrived. Chi Tiecheng gave Shan Leng a few grenades and told her to stop Qin Henian from going to the radio and got into the car. Shan Ling took out a grenade and threw it at the police, but Su Wenqian avoided it in time. Su Wenqian shot her immediately after spotting Shanleng, but Shanleng still refused to give up. Chi Tiecheng went up to the rooftop to shoot at the Communist Party, and the talent was shot. Shan Leng dragged his injured leg towards Qin Henian, and when the Xiucai saw it, his last strength and Shan Leng were gone.

Seeing the death of Shan Leng with his own eyes, Li Beifa’s heart was ashamed. Su Wenqian seized the opportunity to shoot him. When Li Beifa was about to commit suicide, Chi Tiecheng’s voice came from the intercom. Chi Tiecheng asked him if Qin Henian had died, and Li Beicai was still immersed in the pain of the death of a single edge, and asked Chi Tiecheng angrily why you didn’t die! Li Beicai took his gun and aimed it at Chi Tiecheng, who angrily shot and killed Li Beicai.

Commander He was very angry when he noticed that the telephone line had been cut off. Then Staff Officer Qian came with the gendarmerie and said that he wanted to change defenses with him. Of course, Commander He didn’t believe him. He didn’t believe anyone without Liao Jie’s hand. Teacher He went in again to call Liao Jie, and Staff Qian quietly picked up the gun and leaned behind him. Only a few minutes before six o’clock, Section Chief Cao told Su Wenqian that he must escort Qin Henian to the radio, otherwise Liao Jie would blow up the embankment.

Su Wenqian asked the third child to cover himself to find Chi Tiecheng, and hijacked Chief He’s staff officer and he wanted the detonator. Master He asked someone to bring the detonator, but he told his people no matter who was close to the detonator. To be a sieve, he followed Qin Henian on the battlefield at the age of thirteen, and he didn’t care about his life. When the scene was stalemate, Liao Jie led his troops to the scene. Staff Qian had few people in his hands, and the gun was handed over very sensibly.

After Chi Tiecheng was about to delay the time until six o’clock, he slipped Xiaoxue out of the box and prepared to take her away at six o’clock. Su Wenqian hurried over, Chi Tiecheng used Xiaoxue as a hostage, Su Wenqian could only put down the gun. Chi Tiecheng smiled abnormally, saying that Chi Tiecheng would never be able to beat himself, but Su Wenqian laughed at him pitifully. His tasks were obtained by betraying his friends and family. No one in this world cares about him at all. Important, completing the task is just an excuse for him to find a sense of existence.

Su Wenqian laughed at Chi Tiecheng as a loser. He would never be able to beat himself. Chi Tiecheng was very angry. He picked up Xiaoxue and got on the zipline. Su Wenqian hurriedly tied the rope and followed, wounded Chi Tiecheng’s hand with a slingshot, grabbed Xiaoxue in time, and shot Chi Tiecheng as he fell, and Chi Tiecheng was instantly wiped out. The task force pulled the rope on Su Wenqian’s body on the rooftop in time to ensure the safety of him and Xiaoxue.

With only two minutes left until six o’clock, Liao Jie looked at the Hengjiang Dike with a complicated heart. When the time came, Master He rushed towards Liao Jie angrily, but Liao Jie considered that the innocent people would not blow up the embankment, but Master He wanted to avenge Qin Henian. The moment he pressed the detonator, the radio rang out.

Qin Henian’s voice. Qin Henian remembers that in just a few days, young people wearing the clothes of the People’s Liberation Army gave their lives in order to protect their lives. He said that the Chu Army is a conscientious army. The year of the crane ordered them to stop the war and keep the levee. When Staff Qian heard these words, he rushed to the detonator. Liao Jie killed Staff Staff Qian and others in time, and the Hengjiang Dike was safe.

Three months later, I was busy visiting Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue’s mother and daughter. Xiaoxue regarded him as her father, and Su Wenqian really regarded her as her daughter. Su Wenqian is already the section chief of the Public Security Bureau, and he is fighting side by side with section chief Cao. On his desk, there are always pictures of Yin Qiansu with Ouyang Xiangling, Xiucai, and Dagu.

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