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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 25 Recap

The girls talked a lot, and they all felt that there was no problem with Perfect Blue’s products. Only the products sold on the live broadcast platform had problems. Qian Xixi who heard these discussions fell into an unprecedented sense of failure.

The old house has memories that Qian Xixi didn’t want to touch, but for some reason she would come here every time she was sad and desperate. It has become a haven for her soul. When he was a child, Qian Xixi liked the princess dress on a little girl and stared at it for a long time, but when Duan’s mother wanted to buy Qian Xixi, Qian Xixi lied that he didn’t like it. She obviously likes something, but she violates her intentions and says she doesn’t like the lack of self-confidence that comes from her heart. She always feels that she is not worthy of the skirt. The CEO of Duan Ran just wants to prove that she can, but in the end she failed, making Qian Xixi feel Full of frustration, the inferiority complex filled her heart. Duan Ran knows Qian Xixi’s heart well and embraces her. Qian Xixi is the best in Duan Ran’s heart, and will always be with Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi actively kissed Duan Ran, only Duan Ran Qian Xixi’s love will make Qian Xixi feel proud and true, and Duan Ran will hold Qian Xixi tighter in his arms.

Brand owners have successively terminated the contract. If the three words Perfect Blue are mentioned during the live broadcast, it will be a curse, which will cause Rui Live to fail to broadcast. The head office also requires the responsible person to be dealt with as soon as possible. At the same time, Rui Rui is not allowed to sell Perfect Blue products. Yu Shi believed that he was the main responsible person, and submitted a letter of resignation to Qian Xixi to go to Susu. Qian Xixi rejected the letter of resignation, but allowed Yu Shi to go to Susu.

Qian Xixi and Duan Ran went to find Duan Shengyun to explain the matter. Although the exact cause is not known, it may be a problem with Perfect Blue, a problem with transportation, or a farce directed and performed by Feifei, but Qian Xixi had to admit that there were big problems internally. Even if there were no problems with Perfect Blue, the company’s system was not perfect, and there was not even a quality inspection and public relations team at the very least. Qian Xixi felt that he could not shirk the blame and proposed to resign, and promised to be responsible for what he did.

Duan Ran can’t accept that Qian Xixi will resign when he encounters problems. He encourages Qian Xixi not to be afraid of failure and difficulties. He will always be with Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi admits that Duan Ran is right. She is indeed afraid of failure. She couldn’t do anything after such a big thing, and she couldn’t solve the problem at all. No matter what Duan Ran said, Qian Xixi just couldn’t accept her failure and incompetence.

He had already left when Su Su came to find Zhang Si. He heard that Zhang Si was working nearby. Although Su Su didn’t know where to find Zhang Si, he was not willing to run for nothing. Su Su was inquiring about Zhang Si, but the nearby residents didn’t seem to have heard of Zhang Si. When he was desperate, he really met someone who knew Zhang Si’s residence, and Su Su was overjoyed.

The head office decided to suspend the decision of the CEO of Qian Xixi. Duan Ran came to persuade Duan Ran. This was someone secretly making trouble. If Qian Xixi was suspended now, he would be in the enemy’s arms. Duan Ran also refused to take over as CEO. He understood deeply. Qian Xixi is strong on the outside and fragile at heart. If he takes over, it will be a major blow to Qian Xixi. Duan Ran believes that although Qian Xixi did not graduate from a professional management school, he managed Rui in an orderly manner and made Rui full of human touch. This is not something anyone can do. No matter how Duan Shengyun persuades Duan Ran to take over as CEO.

Qian Xixi thanked Jiang Zheyang for his previous help, and at the same time apologized to Jiang Zheyang. He shouldn’t let him wade in the perfect blue muddy water. Jiang Zheyang didn’t care at all. Knowing that Qian Xixi was in a bad mood for resignation, he took Qian Xixi to go. Drinking and chatting on the riverside cruise ship wanted Qian Xixi to relax completely.

Su Su was waiting for Zhang Si to work from dawn to dark. When he was exhausted, Yu Shi brought energy-replenishing snacks. Su Su and Yu Shi played slaps, and suddenly they had four hands together in their hearts. A different feeling.

Duan Ran couldn’t get in touch with Qian Xixi anyway, so he bought a drink that Zhang Jiayun likes to drink and sent it to please inquire about Qian Xixi’s whereabouts. When he heard that Qian Xixi and Jiang Zheyang were going out together, Duan Ran was anxious. Blaming Qian Xixi should not go out with Jiang Zheyang, looking at Duan Ran’s excited expression, Zhang Jiayun wisely judged that he and Qian Xixi must have been together.

After returning from the cruise ship, I passed by Jiang Zheyang’s friend’s bar. The bar was closed at this time. Qian Xixi was curious to listen to music. Jiang Zheyang knew where the key was and brought Qian Xixi into the bar. They were sold on the second floor of the bar. Various records.

Zhang Jiayun is very happy that Qian Xixi and Duan Ran are already together. When she was in college, her dream was to see them together.

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